10 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Money Online part-2

6. Write Essays

Students often turn to essay writing services for help when completing their essays ways. A degree from a prestigious university means you have skills in essay writing. Why not apply to become a freelance essay writer?

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These writing job websites are becoming more prevalent and are becoming more popular with more people interested. You can sign up with as little work as 2000 words per day for ten days and earn just a little bit of your time, which will pay you in excess of £1000 each month! Entrepreneurs are people who take a gamble and become their own bosses. This can be difficult, especially for those with a post-graduate degree. Applying to work upstream is one way of having some passive income in the meantime and will ensure your job prospects look good when you graduate.

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Here are a few websites that offer such services and they are always looking for new writers:-

  • Paper Fellows
  • Grademiners
  • UK Essays

7. Make Online Courses

If you want to share your knowledge with a broader audience and have clients paying for it, then having an online course is a great way to do that.

Udemy is an online learning platform that offers users over 100,000 courses and at the top makes profits. It’s a great way to make additional money on the internet.

“Becoming a premium user of Udemy” allows you to decide the price for your courses, set it, and sell them for profit. A percentage of those sales will go to Udemy, who’ll take care of all hosting costs.

BitDegree is an online course provider that operates in a similar way to Udemy, but you can pay for the courses, or get paid if you’re an instructor, in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, or regular currency.

8. Start a YouTube Channel

There are many ways you can make money on YouTube, and the easiest way is to find a popular channel that garners lots of views. YouTube pays its content-makers by the number of views they get. You can monetize your YouTube channel with ads. However, it is not possible to run ads without joining YouTube’s partner program, which has a subscriber base of only 1000.

YouTube pays out a few pounds for every 1000 views your videos get. While this may sound low, if you can get, say, 100,000 views over 50 videos then it soon adds up to much larger sums. One of the most popular YouTube content creators is Logan Paul, with 47 million subscribers.

You want to be sure you have a good camera to record with and preferably a tripod. It’s essential that you cover a niche area but don’t do too much of it or you’ll struggle to build the right following. More consumers are flocking to big-ticket items like electronics, games, and food. These products tend to be the most popular across the board.

9. Run and Monetize a Website or Blog

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There are a lot of companies now offering you money for the ads you produce. One of the top Google-owned ones is AdSense, which is used by most websites.

The money you make is based on the number of total clicks or views you get.

You can also monetize your blog in other ways by doing the following:-

  • Promoting member items or administrations (see above);
  • Selling courses you have made;
  • Selling e-books;
  • Supported posts where somebody pays you to post about their item or administration.

Here are strategies you can use to help get people to spend time on your website:

Read more: 10 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Money Online part-2

10. Invest in or Trade Crypto Currencies

It seems pretty clear that the massive bull run of late 2017 and subsequent decline, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies are stubborn assets that are probably here to stay.

This is by no means a risk-free method of making money – although those who got in early or bought wisely during down markets have seen a lot of success. In 2012, if you invested $1000 in Bitcoin, you would have had a return of greater than $6 million. This is just an example, and nothing is guaranteed in investment markets.

There are many different ways you can make money from cryptocurrencies. There are two ways popular: HODLing and trading them. You could also profit by simply holding your coins for the long term and not trading them at all!

If you want to use cryptocurrencies in the long term, there are several aspects that should be taken into account. Make sure you choose a reputable cryptocurrency exchange and research it beforehand. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin rely on manipulated trading prices and technical complexity, making it harder for traders to gain a sense of what’s going on. Ripple and Binance Coin are all good investments for the future, as these coins have a strong use case and aren’t likely to fail in the long run.

Buying assets at their highs is a big risk, so only do it if you’re really wanting to make a quick buck with your purchase. But if you don’t believe in holding on to them, then sell them before they drop below that average price point.

Coin Market Cap is a great cryptocurrency

search engine for investors. It provides you with information about all the different currencies, links to their current and historical trading data, and offers ever-updated insights into ways what’s happening in the market across all cryptocurrencies.


I recommend Coinbase to buy your main currencies, as well as Binance. If you’re not sure where you should trade them, I’d recommend you to do so.​

Please make sure that you are not acting on this financial advice. This is a market in constant flux & there is always the risk that you may lose a significant amount of money which might result in an early settlement of your debt.


There are in a real sense a great many contests posted web-based consistently and keeping in mind that this is certainly not a dependable approach to bringing in cash, assuming you enter enough, the laws of likelihood mean you will get fortunate eventually. ​

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