10 top Android money-making apps

Android Money-making app, we can’t promise you a fortune, but a few additional dollars here and there are definitely within your grasp.

Everyone requires a few more dollars now and then. However, we are not so naive as to suggest that you can make a living sitting at home doing nothing. There are no apps that can generate that much revenue.

We do, however, know a few that can earn you a buck or two here and there. That can add up over time to be able to treat yourself to something nice or even a great supplementary income.

Here are the top Android money-making apps. Please keep in mind that these are largely suggestions for small business owners, independent contractors, and individuals searching for a little more cash.

  • The top Android money-making apps
  • Amazon Seller
  • Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Make Money: Passive Income Ideas
  • PayPal
  • Square Point of Sale
  • Surveys on the Go
  • Ride-sharing or food delivery
  • YouTube

1. Amazon Seller

Amazon is one of the largest merchants in the world. If you desire, you can be a part of it. An Amazon Seller account allows you to sell items on the service alongside other items. This is an excellent way to clear out the garage, earn a few dollars, or even start a selling business.

They allow you to do it for free. You do, however, receive $0.99 for each item sold. Those that sell a large number of products may fare better with their $39.99 per month subscription, which eliminates the $0.99 fee. In any event, when it comes to money-making apps, this is right up there with eBay.

2. Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace

Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace operate on the same basic principle. You can advertise your items for sale locally and sell them to individuals in your region.

The advantage is that there are no delivery expenses, and both services are rather popular. You simply publish your ad, people respond to it, and you choose one to sell to. Furthermore, you can post the same ad on both services to reach a larger audience. Craigslist is linked because it is the traditional option. Facebook Marketplace items can be found within the Facebook app itself.

3. eBay

Many folks have a lot of items that are worth money. eBay can assist you in converting those things into cash. Almost everyone understands how eBay works.

money-making apps

You list your items on Craigslist. People then purchase it, and you ship it to them. You may sell almost everything, from books to clothes to gadgets and even furniture and cars. We advocate selling larger items locally because shipping can be difficult, but this is where you should start when selling anything. It’s undoubtedly one of the top money-making apps and one of the most well-known.

4. Etsy

money-making apps

Many people consider themselves to be artists, tinkerers, or creators of some kind. People like that can sell their varied arts and crafts on websites like Etsy.

There’s a lot of stuff there, and almost everything is handcrafted limited edition, or one-of-a-kind. Shop owners are free to sell whatever they wish. Sell on Etsy is the name of the app. It allows you to manage your shop, orders, and listings. You can also talk to potential purchasers and do other things. This is an excellent option for those with artistic abilities to supplement their income. The app will assist them in doing so.

5. Make Money: Passive Income Ideas

Make Money: Passive Income Ideas does exactly what it says on the tin. Unlike scam apps that make huge claims that they can’t meet, this app tells you what is within the scope of possibility.

money-making apps

Along with a list of 60 professions, you may do from home, it also provides a list of related abilities required to do them. Some are simpler than others. Starting a blog or a YouTube channel, for example, are two examples. It will not create money on its own, but it will provide you with ideas on how to do it with minimal effort. It’s one of the more promising money-making apps.

6. PayPal

Paypal is an extremely powerful platform. Most people are familiar with it because of eBay. However, the platform may be used to run almost any business.

It accepts payments from nearly anywhere and can manage invoices, payments, and sales from several websites if desired. PayPal has another app called PayPal Business that is designed exclusively for small business owners. It will not make you money on its own, but it can help if you have a company idea.

7. Square Point of Sale

Square Point of Sale is an app that allows you to collect credit card payments from customers. You’ll need to buy a little device that plugs into your phone before you can swipe cards and collect money. Using this, you can sell almost anything, almost anywhere. The app, like Paypal, will not produce money for you. You’ll need to discover eager customers. However, the capacity to accept money in situations when you typically would not is advantageous. The program is free to download, and signing up nets you a free magstripe reader.

8. Surveys on the Go

Surveys on the Go is an app that allows you to earn money by completing surveys. Unlike many others, this one rewards out in cash rather than points or Google Opinion Rewards. To be sure, there are only a few surveys offered each month. As a result, don’t expect to be rolling in dough.

It is, nevertheless, suitable for individuals looking to earn a few additional dollars here and there. The program itself is a little drab in style, but it’s simple to use. It’s not a must-have, but it’s one of the more consistent money-making apps if you don’t expect the moon.

9. Ride-sharing or food delivery

The service industry is expanding rapidly into mobile. Uber and Lyft are transportation companies that employ real people. You make money by driving other folks around. Additionally, there are drivers for food delivery services such as GrubHub, UberEATS, and others who operate in a similar manner. Pet sitting applications like Rover and DogVacay rely on volunteers to care for other people’s animals.

Everything I stated above has an app, and the service business is starting to grow on mobile. They are all excellent money-making apps. Check their websites to see if they’re recruiting (they almost always are). If you don’t mind driving, UberEATS, Postmates, and other comparable food and item delivery services are also excellent options.

10. YouTube

If you don’t mind putting in the effort, YouTube can be a good source of passive money. It’s probably difficult to break into well-established fields such as technology, news, and so on. However, if you can discover a strong niche and a reasonable readership, you can make a few hundred dollars every month.

Don’t expect tens of millions of subscribers, but the appropriate material, consistency, and a strong work ethic can get you by. It’s difficult, competitive, and demands some ingenuity. Many people, though, make a good living from YouTube.

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