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Best 11 Ways to Make Money with a 3D Printer

Ever puzzled concerning turning your 3D printing hobby into a profitable business venture? We’re here to inform you that there square measure many ways in which to create cash with 3D printing when a beginner.

In this guide, we’ll examine the most effective ways in which the way to create cash with a 3D printer, that 3D printing services square measure most in-demand straight away, and what you would like to grasp concerning running a 3D company before you start.

Best ways in which to create cash with a 3D Printer in 2022

1. style and sell 3D prints

If you wish to style, print, and sell your own 3D written things, there square measure many other ways to try and do it. for instance, you’ll be got to decide if you wish to stay with a collection of specific styles or if you wish to figure on commission.

Make Money

Personalized or custom things mean you’ve got to create a brand new 3D model for each order. providing solely pre-designed things permits you to create things the previous time and ship them out PRN.

There is a marketplace for nearly every kind of 3D print you’ll produce, therefore select the kinds of things you fancy creating. once you’ve got determined that, puzzle out wherever lookpers} for those things prefer to shop in order that you’ll supply your product there.

What am I able to create and sell with a 3D printer?

In terms of the items to 3D print and sell, your product will be something from planters to phone cases to home ornamentation things. Ideally, the product you sell lines up along with your own passions whereas still being in high demand from your audience.

Some of the foremost widespread things to create and sell are:

(D&D) miniatures.

3D written miniatures square measure very talked-about at the instant. in contrast to factory-made miniatures. These will be totally made-to-order to your customers’ feelings. You’ll conjointly paint the miniatures before shipping them out. However, many shoppers don’t mind painting minis for themselves, or they leave them unpainted altogether. Once doing this, we have a tendency to suggest you employ an organic compound 3D printer for miniatures.

Jewelry. 3D written jewelry will be oversubscribed at a high markup and for extra money than alternative things. However, there’s loads of competition during this niche on sites like Etsy. For 3D printing jewelry, an organic compound 3D printer (or even a high resolution 4K+ organic compound 3D printer) is good.

A 3D written jewelry pendant that will be oversubscribed.Image: xfanta via MyMiniFactory

There is loads of demand for 3D written jewelry

Cosplay things. making and commerce cosplay things will be a profitable endeavor. 3D printing helmets, 3D printing armor. Or all types of alternative props square measure valid ways in which of creating cash with a 3D printer.

Planters. enticing self-watering planters aren’t invariably simple to search out in retail stores. That’s one of the explanations why they’re widespread things to 3D print.

Toys. In fact, Toys square measure simple to create on FDM printers and barely want any post-processing.

These square measure simply many examples, however, the list is much endless. Assume key chains, made-to-order shoes, personalized crafts, or alternative happening things. You’ll sell styles of others (if the copyright license allows), or produce your own styles and your own product.

Where to sell 3D prints?

Therefore, their square measure several platforms you’ll use to sell your 3D written things and create cash with a 3D printer. Each online and offline. Most sellers select many completely different platforms for commerce to achieve a range of markets and audiences. Furthermore, ushers in extra money.

While it’s vital to not limit yourself to at least one sales channel. You ought to even be careful to not unfold yourself too skinny.


However, you have many selections for commerce your 3D written things in the flesh. Events like craft fairs, trade shows, and garage sales. And festivals will all offer you the chance to point out your 3D prints and gain customers. In fact, If you’ve got access to electricity at the event. Putting in place your printer in your booth will be straightforward thanks to attracting individuals to your table.

You can conjointly place your 3D written things into consignment retailers or created a show in native businesses. This provides your 3D company native exposure while not committing to a shopfront.


To reach an oversized and varied world market along with the 3D written things you ought to sell online. you ought to ideally have your own online store for some purpose. in the meantime, there square measure many eCommerce platforms which will assist you to get started:





2. begin an area 3D company

Starting an area 3D company is one of the fastest ways in which to urge customers and generate sales. you’ll manufacture custom components, tools, and wants for alternative native businesses. this can be very true if you reside around many factories or plants. you’ll reach resolute your native workplace concerning cookie cutters, or create trophies or awards for events.

The best 3D printers for cookie cutters


The five Best 3D Printers for creating Cookie Cutters

The list goes on. you’ll be shocked by what proportion you’ll contribute to your local people once you only begin asking. If you’re inquisitive about the way to create cash with a 3D printer, this selection offers you tons of potential.

While gap your own business sounds sophisticated, it’s a rather easy method. you ought to contact your native authorities or council to control the ordinances. you’ll realize that you simply won’t want any permits or partitioning updates to run it from your house. That depends on wherever you reside and the way your native laws square measure created.

What does one get to begin a 3D printing business?

It goes while not voice communication that if you wish to start out your own 3D company, you would like a 3D printer. In this case, it ought to be a reliable 3D printer that you simply square measure already accustomed to and have a stock of spare components for.

You don’t need to start out taking requests from customers and need to cancel their orders every week later. Things like this happen once you’re waiting on a replacement half or as a result of one thing basic going wrong and you don’t acumen to mend it. Be ready with basic troubleshooting data of your machine and backup parts before you begin.

You don’t want a top-of-the-line printer to supply your 3D printing services. However, you ought to aim to possess a properly operating and time-efficient one. each minute that you simply pay re-leveling your build plate as a result of your printer falls out of alignment may be a minute that you simply need to account for through higher printing fees or lost maintenance prices.

Going with a 3D printer below $1000, just like the reliable Prusa i3 MK3S, may be a great way to save lots of your time.

On the opposite hand, if you choose to travel with a budget 3D printer, just like the Ender three V2, you’ll create use of the numerous Ender three upgrades that flip it into a lot of time-efficient machines. One example of this can be the BLtouch leveling device, which removes the necessity for manually leveling the build plate.

Business web site

You need a website to tell your potential customers about your 3D company and to capture leads. you ought to have this created by an expert internet designer if attainable. this may be your main touchpoint for patrons to act along with your whole. As such, you wish it to seem sensible and honorable to usher in those early purchasers.

You should conjointly contract a graphic designer. they’re going to create your emblem, company palette, and alternative stigmatization materials. Your internet style can want them to stay your website design on-brand.

Some internet designers will do each (and vice versa). simply make sure that they need a robust foundation in stigmatization if you decide on to use one person for everything.

You can go as basic or advanced as you’d like along with your final website style. It depends on what varieties of services you intend to supply and the way a lot of the pre-purchase and shopping for sections you wish to happen online.

Premium add-ons like a web store, quote generator, appointment programming app, and alternative tools add worth to your finished client. they’re going to value you extra money in direct style charges since they’ll need to add an online developer to your project furthermore.

3. style and build prototypes

Using your 3D printer to style and build your own (or somebody else’s) product prototypes may be a good way to legitimate your machine. For alternative people’s prototypes, you’ll charge them for coming up with and building them. For your own epitome, you’ll send it into production and have your own product due to your 3D printer.

4. farm out your 3D printer

Many people love the thought of 3D printing but don’t have the time, space, or cash to shop for their own printer. Or typically they solely want the occasional niche print and don’t assume it’s worthwhile to shop for their own machine.

That’s wherever you and your 3D printer rental services return in! you’ll charge customers a fee for a printing service wherever you print their models on your printer. Doing this throughout your 3D printer’s usual time period helps you to create cash 3D printing in moments wherever you don’t got to use the machine for yourself.

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This feels like one amongst the better choices on this list to do. However, print on demand will have some sophisticated parts to think about. you’ve got to be properly remunerated for all time and materials concerned.

That includes {the value|the value|the price} of some time spent leveling and maintaining the printer (as well as the cost of damage and tear on your machine from extra usage). Keeping in mind the 3D printer’s electricity usage and alternative 3D printer prices is vital too.

For your 3D printing service, you furthermore maybe got to take into account if you’ll honor requests sure enough colors of filament, what varieties of filament potential customers will order, and if you’ll conjointly embrace services for post-processing for a fee.

A set of Kraken tentacles being painted blue and purple image: Mtar Einbern via MyMiniFactory

Post-processing also can embrace painting

5. Sell digital 3D models

If you’re a talented modeler, sculptor, or drafter, you’ll forgo the need for physical products and sell your 3D model files online. this feature is an addition of a passive financial gain business model that may work beside or be freelance of a physical business line.

Make Money

Selling digital files like 3D models allows you to build cash on one product many times while not having to create the item quite once. It becomes even additional economical if the digital files you sell square measure existing assets from another project that weren’t used any longer and would otherwise haven’t any price.

While you won’t be creating cash in massive sums per sale for 3D models, they will still earn the next lifespan revenue than a print-and-sell choice of a similar model. Digital files merely sell with additional regularity than physical objects and haven’t any cost related to every additional copy sold.

Where to sell 3D model files

The first place you ought to think about commerce your 3D models is on your own website. If you have already got one in every of those for your native 3D printing company, excellent. If not, begin searching for an internet designer ASAP.

Third-party platforms charge fees to use their services. Having your own eCommerce website ensures that you get a bigger share of making the most of every sale and increase the cash you create 3D printing. The drawback to the current is that you need to build your audience and website traffic yourself. Most third-party eCommerce platforms bring their audience to you.

Some of the most effective places to sell your 3D models are:





A 3D model with rendered support material image: DarkFigurines via MyMiniFactory

3D models square measure loaded into a slicer program to get directions for the 3D printer

6. begin a YouTube channel

You can use your 3D printing information to line up your own YouTube channel. Build your audience by posting cool and useful 3D printing YouTube videos to your channel.

It is doable for you to earn revenue from ads, donations, affiliate programs, and hole sponsorships. If you get an outsized enough following, corporations may also send you free products to review.

You presumably won’t build a full-time living from YouTube (especially at first). However, if you grow it together with many monetization methods, it may be useful. It’s an excellent thanks to push potential customers to your website or online search. It can even facilitate developing your name as a knowledgeable person within the business.

7. begin a weblog

You can use a weblog to jot down 3D printer-related content and share your information with others. Like YouTube, you’ll decriminalize the content on your weblog through ads, affiliate programs, and paid sponsorships. Having a weblog offers you additional management over the artistic method. you furthermore may build plenty of additional ads on your website than YouTube pre-roll ads.

You can conjointly use your weblog as the simplest way to bring readers to your website wherever you sell your prints, 3D model files, and alternative product. Your weblog content acts as a verification that you recognize what you’re talking about on the topic of 3D printing.

It shows that you just may be checked out as a trusty supply. this can be referred to as whole authority, Associate in nursing makes it a lot easier to convert an audience member into a client after they already trust what you spoke the language.

8. Repair things in your menage

A 3D printer may be a great tool to own around once one thing in your house breaks. With basic CAD (CAD) information and a (free) 3D modeling package, you’ll style replacement elements for broken appliances, furniture, and so on.

Normally once one thing breaks, you’ve got to order a replacement half from the manufacturer. You doubtless need to replace the complete issue if the manufacturer can’t assist you. By doing basic repairs, 3D printing your own replacement elements, and keeping your recent belongings in purposeful form, a 3D printer helps you economize over time.

9. Repair 3D printers for others

There is no denying that 3D printers may be a touch temperamental typically. they need an outsized variety of elements to create them operate the manner they ought to. If somebody is unaccustomed to 3D printing or ne’er learned what most of these parts square measure meant to try and do, they’ll struggle to mend it once one thing goes wrong.

Put your technical 3D printer information to sensible use and provide to mend broken printers for a fee. most people are going to be happy to pay cash to let somebody additional capable alter it. You get paid work from an individual World Health Organization was doubtless ne’er about to use your 3D printing services or purchase your product.

A collection of 3D printing-related objects and accessories on a white table

10. Flip broken 3D printers

If a 3D printer is broken badly enough that the owner doesn’t need to mend it, you’ll still salvage it by fixing it up. once you’ve got repaired it, you’ll then sell it for a profit. you’ll conjointly keep it for spare elements for one more 3D printer and sell that one subsequently.

11. provide 3D printing courses

If you’ve been 3D printing for a short while, you almost certainly recognize quite a bit regarding the topic. think about using that information to make {an online |a web|an internet} course or series of online courses that teach new 3D printing enthusiasts the fundamentals.

It will be an enormous initial investment of some time to set up the course, film it, edit it, compile it, and vend. However, you’ll still sell the course for years to return whereas doing very little to no maintenance work on that.

You can host the course through a web learning platform like:





You can conjointly host it through your website if you’ve got one (and use your weblog to assist vend.)

Frequently asked queries

Can you build cash with 3D printing?

Yes, there square measure many ways you’ll begin creating cash with a 3D printer. commerce 3D prints (like phone cases) or providing 3D printing services square measure a number of the foremost in style strategies, however, their square measure more you’ll select from.

Is it legal to sell 3D prints?

As long as you follow the copyright license on any 3D model you employ, you’re de jure allowed to sell 3D prints of the model. For any models you style yourself, you’re the license holder, therefore you’ll use the models freely.

If any of the models depict proprietary or proprietary content, that overrules the designer’s license. for instance, if somebody designed a 3D model of a widely known cartoon character, they still cannot sell prints of it as a result the character isn’t their property.

A 3D written and painted Viking helmet image: edoyola via MyMiniFactory

Always check whether or not the objects you 3D print square measure proprietary or not

Is 3D printing an honest aspect of hustle?

Yes, 3D printing may be a nice aspect hustle if you already recognize plenty regarding the topic. If you’re novel to 3D printing and try to leap into beginning a business with it from day one, it would be a frustrating expertise.

Taking it slow to be told your 3D printer, perceive the settings and be able to troubleshoot the foremost common problems square measure about to be terribly useful within the end of the day. it’ll conjointly make sure that you don’t guarantee your 3D printing service to somebody before you’re able to render it.

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3D printing is additionally not a lot of completely different from starting the other aspect of the business. beginning a 3D print store or print-on-demand service needs niche research, marketing, social media skills, and an understanding of business management. Those square measure all skills anyone will and may learn to extend what proportion cash they create with their aspect business.

How long will it fancy begin creating cash with a 3D printer?

That depends on a couple of various factors. If you’re attempting a couple of our suggestions on a way to build cash with a 3D printer, your possibilities of quickly connecting with new customers square measure on top of if you merely keep on with one technique or sales platform.

How quickly individuals purchase from or contract you furthermore may depend on having things like:

A professional-looking website

Clean and effective copy on your website and merchandise listings

High-quality photos of your product

Well-defined policies for shipping, returns, customization, etc.

Good valuation (that doesn’t mean fighting to be the lowest)

Accurate research and an honest strategy for your business

Not all of those factors need to be a slam-dunk anytime. online retailers with terrible photos build sales on a daily basis, whereas some with skilled product photography don’t. individuals stumble onto products unintentionally on a daily basis, albeit their selling strategy is abysmal. These squares measure some things which will color your timeline for profitableness.

How long will it fancy learn 3D printing?

If you’ve got a plug-and-play 3D printer that’s designed to line up and begin 3D printing virtually instantly (note that these square measure sometimes the costlier machines on the market), you’ll begin obtaining serviceable prints inside on a daily basis.

Cheaper and additional active 3D printer models have a vessel learning curve and take longer to become adept with. several of the tasks that plug-and-play printers do mechanically square measure manual on budget printers. it’ll doubtless take you a couple of days to begin manufacturing quality elements. it’ll take a couple of months to own a firm understanding of all the 3D printer’s components.

As so much as having the ability to create your own 3D models, those skills square measure significantly additional long to be told. you’ll build terribly basic models inside on a daily basis some by following tutorials. However, it will take months or perhaps years to become a talented designer World Health Organization creates original and esthetically pleasing 3D models.

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Would you like a license to 3D print?

Anyone with access to a 3D printer will print 3D models for non-commercial uses. However, the principles square measure slightly completely different after you will sell the finished product. Any models used ought to have a poster use license.

That means solely selecting ready-made models online that have the right license. you’ll conjointly contact the designer to inquire regarding getting business rights. several designers square measure willing to charge you a license fee for those things, however, some can still refuse. It’s necessary to be respectful in either manner.

What package do I need?

To start 3D printing, you wish a 3D modeling program and a slicer program. The 3D modeling package allows you to produce 3D models to print, whereas your slicer turns your models into lines of code that your 3D printer will browse.

To facilitate choosing a 3D modeling program, we’ve got an Associate in Nursing in-depth comparison of the most effective free modeling package choices.

Is 3D printing expensive?

The expenses of 3D printing rely on many factors. These embody what style of material you employ, what style of 3D printer you’ve got if you retain your printer well-maintained, and the way you store your materials.

Paying attention to 3D model slicing and starting will slow down expensive or wasteful mistakes. Keeping your 3D printer clean and greased extends the lifetime of its elements. Storing your filaments or 3D printer resins far from wetness and light-weight can extend their operating life and assist you to economize.


There square measure many choices to create cash 3D printing, which suggests there’s one thing appropriate for everybody. does one build cash with a 3D printer? What does one realize most difficult regarding running a 3D printing company or aspect hustle? allow us to recognize within the comments!

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