12 Best Websites to Make Money Online

Making money online can be difficult and time-consuming. Some people are lucky enough to find a job they love, but many have to settle for the low-paying side jobs that don’t allow them to support themselves. Luckily, there are websites out there that help you make money online with a variety of side hustles including writing, coding and more.

Swap for make money online

How it works: ThredUp is a store that specializes in selling items you no longer need. Since they only sell used clothes and toys and games, they can guarantee a higher rate of return for everyone. If something is priced for less than $10, you get a 30% credit at Swap.com and 20% of the sale price back in cash. If your item sells for between $10 and $20, you’ll earn a 50% credit or 40% cash. It sells for more than $20, you’ll receive a 70% credit or 60% cash.


Selling on Facebook Marketplace is easy now that you don’t need to meet with a customer in person! Plus, it’s been made easier because you can just package your items and send them off for safekeeping.

Drawbacks: ThredUp is a clothing resale and storage service that provides customers with the option to “take three.” This means you can choose to either keep your clothes or purchase them for about half their original price.

 Gazelle for making money online

How it works: You can sell your old devices here. You’ll get cash for your unwanted items, a free shipping box, and free recycling materials. You will wait for a check to come in the mail, an immediate gift card sent or money transferred to your PayPal account. There’s no worse way to clutter your home than to keep a bunch of old electronics that haven’t been used in years.

Highlights: It’s a pretty seamless process from start to finish.

Work at Home Online Jobs – Work From Home

Drawbacks: If you send in your old phone, Gazelle will give you fair credit for it. You aren’t risking much when you agree to let them hold on to it.Cardwell

How it works:

If you have a bunch of gift cards you got last Christmas that hasn’t been used yet, we might be able to help. We don’t want to pay for your card – we’ll give you a promotional code instead. If you aren’t interested in giving us the card, we’re happy to take it off your hands so that you can get cash or another gift card that you may prefer more.

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Highlights: Mail your gift cards to Cardwell for free! You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see how quickly you’ll get your account credited!

Drawbacks for making money online

How it works: If you don’t have the energy to hold a yard sale, OfferUp may be a good next best thing. After you take a picture of what you have and set your price, hopefully, somebody nearby will see it online, love it, send you a note and meet in a public place. – and you can get your cash. There are ways to mail items to buyers on the site, such as by requesting an exchange or sending a wanted ad.


OfferUp is often compared to Craigslist, but has a few differences. One is that you can connect with buyers and sellers in an instant messaging app, which might make it easier for people to sell things on. It also has profiles of its members so that you can get a better idea of who your contacts are before you start looking for items. If you’re using the site often, it makes sense to consider a reliable seller. A trusted badge means that the person is probably confident in their selling abilities and also trustworthy, despite personal selling in public places being risky.

Drawbacks: If you’re meeting someone to sell something, meet somewhere public. You don’t know if the person on the other end is a legitimate buyer or not OfferUp notes on their website that just because someone’s selling something online doesn’t automatically make them a safe seller. Be responsible when you meet up with people with unknown backgrounds, and you should discuss the best course of action before arranging a date. If you are in an emergency or any danger, call 911 or your local emergency number.


How it works: Do you have any spaces where you can store your stuff? Maybe it’s an empty garage or a storage shed. The best way to make extra cash is by renting out the space and posting it on Neighbor.com! It’s like Airbnb for the self-storage industry. You don’t pay a dime, just set up your dates and post some pictures! Nowadays, you’ll find that the person who gets you to rent your space will also send over a service fee to Neighbor.com. You get payment and incentive if things go well and want to clean out your attic or garage!

Highlights: It’s easy to receive your payments with direct deposit or a debit card. Some small fees are taken out of the payment for use of the Neighbor website (10% processing fee plus 30 cents per payout).

Drawbacks: If you need to temporarily remove someone’s belongings, you will need to give them a 30-day notice. If renters don’t come to get their things in that period, then you can file for eviction or possibly store their rejected stuff for up to a year. If you don’t give them enough notice, you’ll have to pay $60 to your landlord.

Merch by Amazon

How it works: My supplement store’s affiliate manager, John Frigo, makes money on the side by designing & selling t-shirts through Merch by Amazon and other platforms like RedBubble.com.

Highlights: Frigo makes designing and selling T-shirts as easy as uploading your designs to the site and letting them do all the work. Once you sign up, it’s almost 

completely passive like they said, but you get paid a royalty on every one of your shirt sales – without needing to do anything. “With customer service and shipping 

expertise, Frigo does well in the tech industry,” says Daniel Greenspan, VP for product and experience.

Drawbacks: There is no guarantee that you’ll become rich as an Amazon Merch seller. What’s more, the royalties won’t be very high. However, once you are done creating the piece, it’s easy to make a profit from sales.

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