12 Best Websites to Make Money Online

Making money online can be difficult and time-consuming. Some people are lucky enough to find a job they love, but many have to settle for the low-paying side jobs that don’t allow them to support themselves. Luckily, there are websites out there that help you make money online with a variety of side hustles including writing, coding and more.

In the wise words of philosopher Benjamin Franklin, “time is money.” In order to make more time, you have to spend time. If you want to do something on the side so you can bring home some part-time earnings that are flexible, or if you just want to make some quick cash, there are websites out there that’ll let you do it.

Consider these top resources for making money online:

  • Upwork.com
  • Fiverr.com
  • Etsy.com
  • TaskRabbit.com
  • Wonder.com
  • ThredUp.com
  • Swap.com
  • Gazelle.com
  • CardSell.com
  • OfferUp.com
  • Neighbor.com
  • Merch by Amazon 
Make Money Online

Depending on whether you’re looking for a quick extra income or a long-term revenue stream, each of these websites has different advantages and disadvantages that are tailored to different needs. For more info, continue onward.

Upwork for making money online

How it works: Businesses and freelancers alike use the platform Upwork to find potential collaborators on their projects. It’s essentially a meeting site that connects 

people through various projects. A lot of businesses use freelance writers, designers, and others to complete work like writing and web design for them. There are also a number of freelancers that specialize in SEO campaigns and computer-related work.

Highlights: Upwork takes a commission on every successful bid, but the more money you make, the less it takes to earn that commission.

Drawbacks: Upwork has been so successful that there is a lot of competition on the website, and that can be a real drawback for people who are new to the site, says Sacha Darosa, owner of The Shirtless Web Guy.

“As a beginner, it’s difficult to know who to approach for work. I learned through trial and error how to attract more clients, and it’s also important to understand that 

as a beginner, it’s impossible for you to know many people focused on the same niche as you.” It was tough to compete as a result of the competition coming from overseas. I was forced to lower prices in order to make some money and stay afloat.

Darosa’s success led to an increase in demand and his price went up. Some people felt that the change was a bad thing, and that the new pricing model caused some problems for Darosa. People were also less likely to recommend it to others.

“I’m glad I left my Upwork account behind and became acclimated to the freelancing lifestyle,” Darosa says.

Fiverr for making money online

How it works: This website can be helpful for freelancers who need a bit of extra cash or would like to work in digital animation. You’ll have the freedom to pick up 

different freelance assignments. And the best part is that you’ll have so many options, with so many people looking for talented professionals like you!

Highlights: At Bocain Designs, we have found success by using the site to generate additional income. You can also find a niche and offer services- make money from home as an online designer for example. “They make sure that their profiles on Fiverr and their gig descriptions are well written and communicate the value of the services they offer.” It’s best to reply immediately to people who reach out to you and make sure any inquiries are followed up on. This will help increase the chances of them hiring you quickly.

Drawbacks: Despite some disagreements in the past, the success of Fiverr is on the rise. It’s possible to work for $5 and receive better quality services from lower-tier artists. In addition, many of your clients may be expecting that you’ll work for even cheaper rates.

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Etsy for making money online

How it works: If you think your business could fit on Etsy, then you should consider it! This platform, which is on the market since 2005 and has grown even more since its debut with over 10 million users just last year, has proven to be a great source of revenue for many artisans.

Highlights:It’s easy to navigate the site and set up a shop.

Drawbacks: It can be hard to find customers if you’re using a big website like Etsy, but you have to put your best foot forward. The idea is that they know more about your business than anyone else, which helps increase your chances of finding success.


How it works: People come to this site looking for those who are willing to do the tasks they need. They will take on small jobs that can become household activities, 

such as putting together a bookcase, cleaning a garage or running an errand. This could provide you with something very useful in your daily life.

Highlights: Throwing your hat in the ring and offering your services to people on your site is a great way to get noticed by those in need of assistance. You can then choose which tasks you’re available for and skilled at, and people may end up seeking you out for work.

Work at Home Online Jobs – Work From Home

Drawbacks: If that’s your jam, that’s a plus.

Here’s my process for making money blogging:


How it works: This site is the best place to find research topics and people who will help you do the research. If you’re stuck when it comes to finding a topic and look 

up what Wonder is hiring for, the process takes only a few minutes and if you think you’ve got what it takes,know that we will get in touch with you.Nowadays, you can use AI writing assistants to help with your book or business. They have the capability of going through hundreds of drafts, giving you suggestions and tips on what works best.

Highlights: A writer for Wonder can make an average of $8-$16 for each detailed answer. Wonder offers a perfect gig for those who love the research process!

Drawbacks: Wonder is a platform that allows you to build an engaging social media presence. However, the money you make from it isn’t impressive. Keep in mind that you might have to answer lots of questions to earn. But if you do this for long, then Wonder may be for you.


How it works: Designers, entrepreneurs, and shoppers come to the 24-hour secondhand store to find many treasures in a treasure-hunt style of shopping. You can get back a percentage equal to the value of your clothes. They’re not looking for just anything, so you may want to clean out your closets. ThredUp is an online thrift store that helps you sell unwanted clothes and make money out of it. With a referral bonus if you refer someone, the payout range is $10 to $20.

Highlights:ThredUp will help you turn your old and unwanted clothes into cash by donating or selling them. Just head over to their website today!

Drawbacks: You won’t get paid (naturally) until your clothes reach ThredUp, so keep that in mind. But if they aren’t accepted, you will have to pay a fee to have them shipped back to you. Or they can responsibly recycle the items and make some more cold cash!

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