12 Ways to Make Money with Websites!

It is possible to make money with websites. There are several ways to make money with websites and some of them are affiliate marketing, advertising on your site, selling products on your website, and so on.

9. Sell Paid Directory Listings

While this may not be common practice yet, I think everyone will soon start using it.

I see it as a smart way to sell advertising. Instead of putting ads on your sidebar, you have a directory on your blog where you feature different companies and websites in your industry at the top of the blog. This is premium content that you charge for. If you charge a monthly fee for your directory, for example, $7 per month, and have 1,000 subscribers, you would make $7,000 per month in revenue.

In some ways, this is beneficial to the reader, if you’re a website company and you’re listing other types of companies, for example, photographers. The only caveat with this is that photographers need to pay for their advertisement space. Models will come looking for the right person to appear in their portfolio, which is helpful and profitable.

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For example, by posting job ads on my blog that promotes the directory, I ensure that customers are satisfied with the number of viewers and excellent website traffic. We also recommend advertising on other websites to increase the number of people who list in your directory. Likewise, you should reach out to people and companies to buy a listing.

make money


  • Exceptionally beneficial.
  • Valuable to perusers.
  • Makes you stand out as you accomplish something else.
  • Nearly guaranteed income


  • Expenses for arrangement.
  • It may not function admirably for smaller destinations.

10. Host Webinars & Sell Something

Webinars are great for selling high-priced products. If you are the owner, webinars can help boost your sales. And if you are an affiliate, they offer a simple way to share your message with potential customers who are interested in purchasing that particular product.

Alternatively, you could set up a free webinar that you replay once a week. You could teach something and then, at the end, let them know about more sessions on similar topics. Once you complete the webinar series, you’ll have a product to 

sell as a home study course. Here we’ll talk about how to market your business with webinars and what benefits they can create for your company.


  • Expensive, low measure of clients, so low help. Readers want to connect with you.
  • Profoundly useful to the individuals who purchase.
  • An incredible method for educating.


  • Assuming that you’re doing live online classes, your trading time for cash.
  • Venture for programming.
  • Individuals need to turn up at a particular time, hard for various time regions.
11. Write Tutorials & Promote Something & make money

Haha, I can relate to that! I do that too sometimes.

Content is what everyone is after, so create content that will lead them to buy. Include affiliate links so you’ll make money if they buy!

I try to pick a product I’m familiar with and enjoy using. For example, if you’re using Polyvore for your store, I’d 

make a tutorial about how to create an item from scratch.

For example, it might be a post about photography and you want that specific type of photo with this lens.

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  • Makes extraordinary substance.
  • great for web crawlers.
  • A productive long haul.
  • Quick to produce.


  • Observing an adequate number of items with membership programs
  • Certain individuals may not be interested because they don’t yet have the item.

12. Publish a Book

People want to write a book but may lack an audience. A blog not only does branding but it can help you connect with other people in your industry. It can also help you understand what people are looking for in the content they read about. For example, I wrote a blog post about how to write a best-selling book. People often don’t consider books because of the low payout compared to less effort. However, it’s not just how much you earn; think about the possible benefits that come with this writing project. You can potentially gain many hours and days of experience that would otherwise take years to acquire and put together.

Publishing a book can be an attractive prospect because it can lead to the launching of future products. More importantly, making paid speaking engagements are the more exciting and enticing of these two possibilities. As a writer, you’re automatically perceived as an expert, even if you’ve only sold a dozen books. This means that people will be willing to pay you to speak or provide business consulting.

There are so many different ways to publish a book these days – some more traditional, and some less so. Self-publishing is generally the most common way, but if your blog is successful, chances are they’ll find you. In my experience of blogging full-time since 2009, I’ve found that the best approach is to do a combination of all three: publish I was at a party and my friend introduced me to their published author friend. She told me that it would be a good idea for me to write my book and that it goes both ways – if I can help the author with anything, they’ll gladly do the same for me.

make money with websites


  • Authority.
  • Long-term earnings.
  • Increase your charge for counseling.
  • Paid to talk on occasion.


  • Opportune or costly, depending on whether you have a professional writer.
  • Doesn’t make you a huge amount of money all by yourself.

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