5 Best Ways to Make Money Online in Canada in 2022

1. Start a YouTube channel

You need to have some technical know-how, you must be consistent, and you’ll also need to be camera-shy. That said, some YouTubers make serious income online .

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You may not realize that the most important step in starting a YouTube channel is figuring out what motivates your content. However, anyone who watches your work deserves to be rewarded for their time and effort. This is one of the most important factors in a successful YouTube channel. People follow YouTubers with similar interests and will often even watch their videos on a lonely night.

YouTube is a highly saturated platform. Even if you think your videos are niche, there are likely thousands of videos already available on that topic. When trying to distinguish yourself in the crowded market of online marketing agencies, it’s important to know the reason anyone would watch you. you must start with something that stands out. To do this, you can start by focusing on your targeted audience and messaging.

Popular content on YouTube 

YouTube is one of the most popular search engines online and has a variety of content ranging from educational videos to unboxing videos. Overall, the two most popular types of video in YouTube are reviews and how-to videos.

This is a way to get an idea of what people are watching or reading. You’ll find that you have some tough competition, but if you’re able to make your idea align with one of these subsets, you’ll increase your chances to be successful.

How to make money on YouTube 

Many people are asking how they can make money on YouTube, but it’s not exactly clear. You have to do a lot of different things just to earn a living. The better solution is to get as many viewers as possible, which means doing reviews of products and services like the ones on the company YouTuber The cost of a commercial is mainly based on the number of viewers and the length of time worth watching it for. For example, it can cost up to $2,000 for a 30-second commercial to be shown.

One of the first things you should do to start earning from your videos is log in to your YouTube account and activate AdSense. This is how you’ll earn money from your videos.

Google, who owns YouTube, actually outlines five ways you can get paid. 

Advertising revenue — We’ve already discussed this. You get paid from display or video ads. 

Channel memberships — You can get your subscribers to make monthly payments in exchange for some kind of premium membership. 

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Merchandise shelf — You can sell merchandise that’s displayed on what’s called watch pages. 

Super chats — This gives fans the option of paying to have their messages featured in a chat stream. 

YouTube premium revenue — Google describes this as getting a piece of a “YouTube Premium subscribers fee” whenever any of your subscribers view your videos. 

2. Teach English online 

Teaching English online has been a growing trend for quite some time now, but it’s still very new and is not yet mainstream. We know that classes used to only take place in the classroom.but now with platforms like Solid English, teachers can teach an online class remotely and focus on other important aspects of their career while they are on the go.

Teaching online allows you to lower your entry-point in the market and provides an opportunity that used to be barred to potential teachers. There are applicants out there who are ready and willing should a job open up, which can be beneficial for you as well.”Here are a few of the platforms that have had success pairing teachers with online.” job opportunities

  • Teach Away
  • Vipkid 
  • Cambly 
  • DaDa
  • iTalki

How much money can you make teaching online? 

The pay varies depending on the platform and experience. Some platforms will pay as much as $25/hour, while some platforms may not pay more than $10/hour. The requirements for participating in an online English conversation course are more flexible.There are not as many hoops to jump through, but students still need to improve their language skills rather than learn to use the vocabulary and grammar contained in lessons. Others have different options, such as DaDa or iTalki. You’ll need to decide which experience is right for your needs.

3. Do jobs on Amazon Mechanical Turk 

Panopticon is a new type of robotic mapping technology that maps any outdoor space in seconds. This includes big business functions and gatherings like music festivals. Panopticon has revolutionized indoor mapping, as well as the event experience, with automation and efficiency.

How much money can you make on MTurk? 

The overwhelming majority (if not all) of tasks on MTurk pay cents. You may make a $1 for completing a psychological survey, but that’s considered extremely high on the pay scale. Many of the tasks on MTurks are in the 0.01 to 0.35 cents range, and Amazon also takes 20-45% off of purchases.

A recent academic study concluded that Turkers, who are contracted workers on Mechanical Turk, make an average of $2/hour. While they may be getting paid less than they might hope to make in their careers, it’s not surprising that many people on MTurk are willing to take this type of work.

If you’re looking to use MTurk in the future, it might not be the best option for you. There are better platforms out there that offer more money and opportunities.

4. Sell your craft on Etsy or Ebay 

Creative people have a hard time earning a living. This is often not because they don’t produce quality work, but in finding the right person or platform to earn some money. That’s where Etsy comes into play.

Etsy is one of the most popular websites on the internet for unique handmade items that you can’t find anywhere else. Virtually everything on the website is sold by a small business owner who’s listed their item with Etsy.Many people are drawn to Etsy because they operate more like a community than an online retailer and offer multiple, customizable listings.

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If you enjoy creating your own work, whether it’s a photo, postcard or something else, Etsy is the right place to show off what you’re truly capable of.

5. Sell stock photos online 

It’s more important than ever for you to find your audience. With the Internet now around all the time, content is what will keep them coming back. As long as your content resonates with them, they’ll take notice and keep coming back to you. If you’re just starting, there are two things you should focus on.

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Here are some examples of personal photography niches that can be found in the modern-day world: Deciding what to specialize in when it comes to your photography is actually quite simple if you’re thinking about how long your audience will be familiar with your work.Stick to one thing as long as it takes for your clientele to get used to the fact that they can count on you for whatever kind of content they need.

To succeed on Instagram, it’s important to understand the demographics of your followers. Posting consistently and doing research on your hashtag can help you reach the right audience. You can attract more followers if you change your Instagram account to a business one. You’ll be able to control what they see and the type of content they receive.

Monetizing your business comes after you’ve established what your budget is and set up a marketing strategy. Setting up your photography site can be tricky, but doing it on the right platform is key.

Where to sell your photos


Here are a few that you should consider: 

  • Adobe Stock
  • Shutterstock 
  • Getty Images 
  • Twenty20 
  • Fotolia 
  • iStock 
  • 500px 

These are just a few of the well-known products, but you can also choose from many more.

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