5 Ways to Make Money with NFTs in 2023

5 Ways to Make Money with NFTs in 2023 goes into detail on how to make money with NFTs, which have the potential not just for profits, but exponential wealth. You’ll learn about all of the most profitable approaches that are possible. As well as which trading platforms are the best at present and leverage your time & convenience.

The rise in the value of cryptocurrencies in the past year has led to interest from traditional investors. There are many ways for them to diversify their portfolios. Just like they can with stocks and bonds, in the NFT market. That includes digital assets. BTC, ETH, and XRP have all been growing exponentially over the last 18 months.

When researching how to buy NFTs, it is important to pay attention to the approach that you’ll take to make a return. There are many ways that you can make money with NFTs, and thanks to their growing popularity (any returns will be worth it). Now It’s your chance.

Make Money with NFTs

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5 Ways to Make Money with NFTs in 2023 Below

1. Play-to-Earn (P2E) NFTs Games
3. Flipping NFTs
4. Staking NFTs
5. Invest in Companies that have exposure to NFTs

1. Play-to-Earn (P2E) NFTs Games

Another option if you’re interested in profiting from NFT tokens is to play skill-based games, which can earn you rewards. These types of games are getting more and more popular as they offer a way for users to be rewarded for gaming skills that might not have value in other types of games. Players can earn virtual tokens by progressing in the game and these can redeem for physical items within the game world, or exchanged for FIAT.

NFTs have been seen as a popular way to make money since they can provide a level of income. Traditional work-at-home schemes never managed to offer but did require time & effort. As a result, more exciting new platforms have sprung up each with features that make them perfect for people looking for their income source.

Using Axie Infinity makes it easy and convenient for gamers to earn to engage with other players, and buy and sell digital items, in addition to earning rewards. With most items structured as NFTs, the extra currency that you earn and reinvest into better items whenever desired.

Investors are always looking for new ways to invest in cryptocurrency and the latest trend has been to buy tokens from ICOs. The unique selling point of Axie Infinity is that they allow investors to gain exposure through tokenization. Silks, The Sandbox, Decentral, and are all on their way as well with momentum. As crypto adoption grows, we will likely see these platforms become more widely used in the future. For now, the trend isn’t going away anytime soon.


The best strategy when it comes to investing in NFTs is to HODL, Which basically means ‘Hold On for Dear Life’. This term was popularized by retail traders during the 2003-2007 GameStop short & has since been used in all different types of markets. Ever since then the term has been used to describe a strategy that is simply not selling regardless of what happens.

Make Money with NFTs

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If you’re an investor and looking to make a profit with cryptocurrency, like many people nowadays, then there are both pros & cons. However, investing in this particular type of asset can be a great way to generate returns with NFTs. Going back to our crypto-currency example, CryptoPunks were volatile towards the end of 2017.

Those who held onto their tokens and kept up with current trends may have missed out on huge market value gains. Yet, those who decided to hold onto their tokens in preparation for a potential price rise in 2021 reaped the rewards when the prices skyrocketed later that year.

Collectively, the NFT collections will not experience the necessary momentum to generate a higher price point. While there are some opportunities in the calendar, we also have to keep in mind that most of these will be happening over social media. So it’s a good idea to keep your eyes peeled for upcoming projects on social media as well.

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3. Flipping NFTs

NFTs are another way to make money that is within reach for the average person, Who is interested in expanding their portfolio. By flipping, you can produce a positive return on your investment. Short-term investment strategies might seem like they’re focused on flipping to speculate and make a quick profit. While the HODL strategy is a more long-term approach that can pay off in the end.

Finding the best NFT to make money is challenging in that there is so much competition in the market. However, it is not impossible – although there are numerous factors to consider when researching your options.

Token utility and community support are important when looking at an ICO. Of course, you’ll want to consider the expert team behind it, and the profit potential of their business plan. The NFT is an essential visual representation of your investments, And having a gallery or other visuals is like having a portfolio of digital art right on your profile.

Make Money with NFTs

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4. Staking NFTs

Those who are interested in crypto staking please know that this process can also be related to NFTs. The main mechanism used is to lock up your digital asset on a Defy platform and retrieve the revenue generated from the blockchain. Blockchain-based collaborative proof-of-stake systems typically utilize block rewards for the system’s native token.

Cryptocurrencies work by ensuring people and institutions are properly verified, but where there is a lack of trust in the system, “staking”. A little more than a decade ago, NFT-owned companies only offered a handful of platforms for game developers and players. Today, there are more options available thanks to newer platforms like MOBOX and Zookeeper

If you have been thinking about how to make passive money with NFTs, then this approach is the best one. The APR will vary from platform to platform and depend on the specific type of NFT you choose. However, more NFT projects are becoming wise to this production process throughout the year.

5. Invest in Companies that have exposure to NFTs

Breaking down the ways to invest in NFTs can be a little tricky, but investing in a specialized company or two is one route you could take. You will not receive direct exposure to the market, but you will get indirect exposure. Allow your portfolio to remain healthy.

Unlike how it was in the earlier days, you now have a lot more companies that provide services related to NFTs. This is because the market only really took off in 2021. Coin base is perhaps the most prominent company involved with these digital assets and it has its own NFT marketplace.

Make Money with NFTs

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Even if your metaverse investments focus on businesses that don’t have direct links to the NFT market. It’s always good to pay attention to this sector too. All the businesses mentioned are leaders in the industry and offer strong competition. You might also want to see which NFTs they’re integrating themselves with or investing in.

There are a lot of benefits to investing in NFT stocks that can enjoy by both investors and publishers. Especially as the market grows. We recommend eToro as the best place to start buying shares today.

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