7 Easy Ways To Make Money Working From Home

These are different ways to make money from home. I’d recommend these different types of jobs.

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I’m going to share with you some awesome side hustles that you can make extra income from the comfort of your home. Some of these ideas will require a little work, but it’s something you can do and have time for! I’ve also included links for websites where you can sign up for these side hustles today!

If you’re looking to make some extra money, these are online jobs that you can do from home. I’ve personally used a couple of these methods and can recommend them right now.

Making money from home has never been this

Bring in Extra Money From Home In The Following Ways

1.) Article Writing Home

If you’re good at writing, freelance writing is a great option for making additional income from home.

I want to share with you the first site I go to when looking for freelance writing gigs. This is Upwork, a platform where I’ve had great success in the past and have hired many content writers. This can be more difficult when you’re starting out your freelancing career, but it’s worth it when you pick up a couple of custom

I have tried out and bought content from both iWriter and JustWriters, a site that is similar. They have a business model with a quality rating system like every other. The best writers can earn $100/hour – it’s pretty good work if you can get it!

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If you don’t have a lot of time, but still want to make a little money by writing articles, think about signing up with TextBroker. They operate on a rating system where they pay you $0.05 per word for quality articles.

2.) Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is something so many people can do because it takes no specialized skills to get started. People are looking for virtual assistants to do the tasks they want to outsource. Things like editing videos, answering calls, or emails, and caring for objects.

Now is the time to get started with becoming an assistant on Upwork. The website offers a lot of different options and tasks to complete, so you can earn some extra income from home. Another popular platform to find virtual assistants is Fiverr.

If you’re considering becoming a part-time or full-time virtual assistant, but aren’t quite sure how to get started, then this article will help you. It outlines exactly what steps need to be taken in order to get started with the job.

3.) Transcriptionist

If you dream of having a flexible job and earning extra money, transcription might be the opportunity for you. It’s easy to do from the comfort of your home, and how much you earn depends on how fast your fingers fly across the keyboard.

When you transcribe something, you listen to audio and type it out. It can be anything like a video, podcast, notes, meetings or conversations.

If you’re wondering whether or not becoming a transcriptionist is a smart career move for you, be sure to enroll in this FREE mini course on transcription foundations. Discover why transcription is an invaluable skill in today’s digital world and learn how to go about this specific type of work.

4.) Teach English From Home

I belong to a number of finance & money-making groups and the most popular side hustles are niche English tutoring. So many people want to learn English that there’s a high demand for English teachers, which makes them very valuable in the workplace.

If you have a baccalaureate degree and eligibility to work in the US or Canada, you’re already qualified to make money by becoming a teacher on VIPKid. Making money on your own terms is easy with this amazing freelance financial assistant. You can make up to $22 USD per hour and they will even pay you directly into your account (usually the 10th and 15th) – no hoops to jump through!

5.) YouTuber

Are you someone who is passionate about something? Do you want a way to earn money with your voice and passion, then being a YouTuber could be for you.

Many people are successfully monetizing YouTube through their videos. If you’re just starting out today and want to build a business around the platform, it can be tough without a bit of money. However, if you are passionate and willing to work hard on your content, there’s immense potential for success.

6.) Course Creator

If you already know your marketing, creating courses can be considerably more lucrative than the other methods found in this post.

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If you’re not familiar with marketing, you can still make money by creating a course and then selling it on Udemy. Udemy is an educational platform where people go to learn new skills. If you don’t have your own audience, this platform can help you get more sales for your course.

With interactive courses on platforms like Teachable, you can start with a course for free and have it online without paying hosting or anything. The advantage of this platform is that you’re able to market to your target audience with ease, and see what works for them.

7.) Logo/Graphic Designer

If you’re creative and creative with design, logo and graphic design is something that can create extra income for you.

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Fiverr is a great website to start, to get your name out there and just start making some money. It’s cool because you can easily start making money with it by selling your services. Many people go on Fiverr to earn a little extra cash, and it’s easy for anyone to earn $5 on the site. Here are some great tips if you’re starting out and want to offer a lower price, so that you can get feedback from your customers, and then after listening and acting on their feedback, you can start charging more.

A new company called 99Designs allows graphic designers to make money by providing services. They take on projects with customers and are reviewed by other designers. Getting paid for your job is simple, and you can even submit custom designs to the site. The client will then choose the person whose design they like the most. They’ll work with them on smaller projects like logo designs or a movie poster, until they have the confidence in their skills to tackle a bigger project that requires a higher level of expertise.


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