7 Simple Steps To Make Money By Online Games

Simple Steps To Make Money By Online Games are fun, and spending your time playing them can make you some money. But it can be difficult to find the games that pay the most and so you must know how you’ll be able to succeed before putting any time into a game. Here are some tips for finding Online games that will help you earn money as well as other relevant information.

Make Money By Online Games

Many who go this route will give up within a few years (or months) because the work aspect from time to time will kill the fun of playing Online games. Instead of turning what they love into a career, people end up hating what they once loved And it’s risky due to the crowded market. For every success story, there are hundreds of others who tried and failed.

You’ll get paid for just about anything you stream-

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You have the option to stream your gameplay for all to see on Twitch The best platforms for streaming are different but accurate.

Despite the time it takes to build a sizeable view count on your live stream, it is well worth the effort and you’ll find that your audience will grow consistently over time. You’ll break 100 viewers by year 3, even without any significant marketing efforts. Most streamers never hit a point where they can make enough money from streaming to live off of it.

Streamers rely on software to stream & secure an audience and their experience. Make sure your internet upload speed is fast enough to handle the stream, in addition to whatever game you’re playing.

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You’ll learn a lot of Skills by Working at Game Journals

Want to work as a writer? Consider joining an existing site or launching your own and writing news, reviews, or interviews for a specific game, genre, or industry. You can also have complete creative freedom and get paid by spending just an hour on the project. Want to monetize your traffic? If you’ve started with a blog, you can try ads & Patreon subscriptions.

Most journalists publish a variety of articles over time. If you’re short on content ideas, don’t worry! There’s even an option for social media posts that publish whenever you need. Having a set of carefully assigned tasks is good for many reasons. Some include meeting deadlines, following company guidelines, and brainstorming ideas.

Find jobs on websites like IGN and smaller blogs. You’ll need writing samples that show how you could write for the smaller blogs.

Make Money By Online Games

Make video game guides and tutorials

As with any product or service, there’s always a market for certain information that people need to know. This is the case with player-versus-player (PvP) games as well. For example, many people like to read guides that other people have made or printed and sell them.

You can produce written game guides, video game guides on YouTube, or e-book versions of the guides you create. The first two are often monetized with ad revenue and/or donations, whereas the e-book version has a better chance of making profits or interest.

On top of that, you’ll need a strong writing skillset. Guides need to be dense, but also entertaining & comprehensible. Formatting skills are imperative for publishing ebooks or writing for the web.

There are countless games available nowadays, some of which may have difficult to understand. Instead of hoping that players would figure it out on their own, figuring out what the players struggle with, and then teaching them how to overcome it themselves is a better idea.

Presenter a Gaming Podcast or YouTube Channel

It’s never been easier to create new shows relating to gaming. They are incredibly popular and provide a different way of promoting your brand or product. Many people have been doing this successfully with regular shows such as roundtable discussions or even interviews with prominent players. You can also learn about tips and tricks for a particular game and try out your idea for something new

Building an audience is key for any type of business, and that applies to podcasts as well. Podcast content is a great way to reach your audience on their terms. If you’re looking for a specific outlet, the casual listener might appreciate a channel that offers gaming updates.

Join the Win Gaming Tournaments and Acquire Sponsorships now

Esports tournaments can be found for many games such as fighting, first-person shooters, etc. Many esports players also use live streams to generate additional income as well.

Make Money By Online Games

Not everyone is always expected to win in tournaments. Although you may have the skill & determination to bring home some pride, sometimes you will still come away with nothing at the end of a match. Even if you do end up winning some cash, it may not cover the cost of hotels and flights. If you don’t make a consistent profit, forget about living off of the winnings, it won’t happen

It can be hard to take a non-competitive path and earn money from YouTube, but you’ll have more success in the long run. That way, people will still enjoy watching even if you’re not the absolute best.

You Can Earn Money By Testing Games

Some developers ask for outsiders to test their games for them before release. They’re always looking for fresh eyes and any feedback on how to make a game even better. It must go through testing before release so the developer can make sure it’s as good as it can be when it launches.

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In times where bugs and glitches in games are more common and it’s up to testers to keep playing the same game over and over again, testing might become a tedious task

Most positions in the game industry (and even some strategic analysis and executive data roles) pay on par with or slightly better than minimum wage. For these positions, you are still highly sought after because most demand goes to experience people who have marketable skills and specific knowledge about the games industry.

Market Your Accounts or Your Digital Items

Many games have in-game trading. Some are more successful than others, but all allow you to trade game items with other players. One way to trade is by buying a Steam Trading Card and selling it to another player for cash.

With the use of AI writing assistants, you can also create accounts. For example, in Overwatch, smurf accounts are very common. In case your main account is not popular and your performance drops, you can simply switch to a lower-ranked account.

Make Money By Online Games

While this form of gaming income requires less dedication than most of those mentioned above, it’s still not a guaranteed source of income. Unless you already have extra accounts or rare items sitting around, the time that you must spend to earn them usually makes it barely worthwhile.


If you want to play games, these are the top pay gaming-related jobs right now. They’re not just “video game careers,” but there are also other fields related to video gaming that doesn’t involve as much playing video games as the above-mentioned careers.

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