7 Solid Ways to Make Money[And Earn $1000]

If you’re still brainstorming ways to make money online, then it’s a safe bet that you’re interested. There are many options, but the idea of making money online is nonetheless captivating to many people. Running an online business is tough, but there are creative ways for you to help it grow. You can earn an income that was previously impossible without spending any time on the computer.


Making money online can be difficult to do alone, especially if you’re looking for a passive income. To help boost your chances of success, this post was written to cover some important aspects about making money online. If you want to make money online, you can make $1000 a month. Yes, it’ll take work. Yes, it’s the result of hard work and effort, but that doesn’t mean that your efforts are futile. Just keep at it and good things will come.

Meaning, there are no real upfront costs for you to get started. For example, you might want to upgrade your computer or internet but you don’t need anything else but your time and can start making money online.

1. Freelance Writing

It’s easy to make money from home as a freelance writer. Many people don’t necessarily want or feel confident writing, but it is an achievable way to generate a solid income and still work remotely on your own schedule.

You’d be surprised how many people are looking for work. Even if you are not experienced, there are opportunities at a lot of places. You can go to companies or media publications and apply your expertise with some tasks they need done.

The compensation scale will range from $50 per piece to $2,000 or more for specialists.

Sometimes just a handful of articles with a great experience can lead to $1,000+.

There are many different options for freelance writing work on Fiverr, Upwork, ProBlogger, and Flexjobs. In addition to the many job opportunities available, there are jobs that can be done remotely as well.

It’s important to develop your portfolio up as early as possible so you can showcase your skills and opportunities before others. You’ll find a good group of reliable people on Fiverr or Upwork who will help you out.

2. Data Entry

It doesn’t take long to learn how to make money as a data entry freelancer. You’ll need to be good at multitasking, especially handling multiple things. Some tasks will likely include customer service, managing information and spreadsheets and answering emails.

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Data entry jobs are a pretty great option for people who want the freedom to work whenever they want. Not only is it flexible, but you’ll also be working with the internet along for the ride.

Another advantage is that there are also opportunities for full-time work or maybe just on the weekends when you have more free time. Even if you work part-time from home, you can still make between $1,000 and $2,000 a month.

The average hourly pay for copywriters is around $15 to $25, and that can be determined from this site. It also provides a list of the background needed to become a successful writer as well as what one can make on average.

When looking for jobs, the best place to start is remote workboards. From there you can narrow your search by company name and location. You can also reach out to companies directly to see if they have any open positions available.

3. Online Tutor

Many online tutoring jobs need teaching qualifications and classroom experience.

In careers that only require a four-year degree and knowledge of the subject, you can still make it on your own! You also never know what opportunities might come your way. And online education is another option for gaining valuable study skills that can be seen as a potential professional skill set in the returning workforce.

Popular AI-powered writing assistants are starting to work as English teachers, provide math or science tutoring, or preparation for college. They can also specialize in web programmers and even teach kids things like cooking and art.

There are lots of options for online tutoring gigs. Searching Google is one option, but these are some other sites:

4. Web Design

Granted, not everyone is technically savvy or good at design, but this is one of the best ways to start from the very beginning. Many businesses that want to make money online or refresh their current website are looking for blogs and content writers who can produce anything from articles to blog posts.

You may establish your fees and develop a website for your services while seeking for freelancing assignments or work.

Starting your own side hustle is difficult, but there are plenty of options to get you started. Starting with group work and upwork can help show off your skills so that they are noticed by those who may want you on their team.

Upwork is a medium for freelancers to find work. If you have some previous experience, you can charge anywhere between $50 and $150/hour, depending on the profession and time spent.

5. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are especially popular with online businesses that require them.

As an online virtual assistant, you’ll be able to provide a variety of services to businesses from the comfort of your living room or wherever. You’ll manage social media, handle calendars and appointments, and handle emails, reconcile accounting ledgers, and handle web updates.

This sounds like you know a lot about using technology and being organized, which is great and will help you in your career. You also mention that you want to be anywhere in the world if that’s what it takes to make money. This seems like a good opportunity for someone with your skillset.


If you’re willing to work hard and show your worth, there are a wide range of opportunities for digital freelance writing. These can include everything from content marketing, ghostwriting, or general blogging. Some might pay $1,000+ for a month (or even a full-time job), as an example.

6. Marketing Consultant

Marketing is a broad field, but the skills required for success are specific. Social media marketing, for example, requires a strong knowledge of algorithms and how they influence online engagement and social networks. Content marketing also needs a deep understanding of what users like to see. Paid ads require someone with knowledge of creative strategy and data analysis. Marketing via email needs an understanding of deliverability.

You can work from anywhere in the world, with an internet connection, and help businesses to grow their marketing reach by sending targeted content. And because of that, things like Facebook ads or Google ads could be used for your business.

Some of these positions will require specific skillsets. Apply to remote job board listings or create a profile on Upwork or Fiverr.

7. Marketing Consultant

Digital marketing is a vast category of skills and needs, so if you are good at social media, content marketing, paid ads, email marketing, you can make good money each month.

I got interested in online marketing and using it to my advantage when I was looking for ways to build my repertoire and make extra money. Now, it is an integral part of my career as a marketer and with an internet connection, I can work anywhere in the world.

Each position will depend on your skills and experience – but in general you’ll make more money on remote job boards than on Upwork or Fiverr.

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