8 Websites Will Make Money

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1. Online Portfolio

If you’re looking for work and have experience in the creative field, having a portfolio online can help you stand out and land your dream job.

An online portfolio, which includes a quick contact form and email button, would be an excellent way to show potential customers what you have to offer!

Websites Will Make Money

Just remember that you are using this to showcase your capabilities and skills to potential customers, so everything you make is professional and highlights your abilities.

2. Specialized Community Forums

People used forums to socialize and communicate before social media platforms came around, but now people mostly use them to share opinions with like-minded people.

Reddit is the 7th most popular website in the United States and offers a variety of quality content focused on this industry.

The right place for niche communities online is on Reddit or on a forum. All the information you need can be found there.

3. Questions and Answers

Now, finding answers is easier than ever- almost as if the Internet was designed specifically for that. And, with the rise of smartphones, there are even more new ways to find answers.

Quora and Yahoo Answers are two websites that allow visitors to interact directly with one another. They offer great help to each reader through this interactive process.

4. Video Website

Many aspects of video content have changed over the years, and that is in no small part due to on-the-go mobile users.

You may be thinking that there’s no need to have your own website since all of your video content will be stored on another platform. But what if that were the case?

Websites offer visitors a unique experience, and they offer them ways to engage in commerce, including selling merchandise and displaying important information.

Users on other platforms may come to your website because of their interest in you and the information they find there. This can lead to more traffic that you’re able to convert into leads and sales.

10. Create a Wiki

With Wikipedia, you get a curated list of information about a subject that has been vetted by the community. It does an excellent job of keeping up with all changes and keeping the topic updated.

It’s a good idea to check the credibility of any wiki before you submit it to any website or organization. Even if it’s not online, any new article should be validated by your company’s guidelines.

Find information about your favorite gaming franchise by looking on the wiki. It is maintained by dedicated gamers and you are likely to find a lot of helpful information on there.

You can now enjoy unprecedented community-building tools on top of your new website thanks to this type of hosting. There are also a majority of different types of forums 

and chats that are available for you to join which helps build your website’s community.

5. Job Boards

It’s easier to find almost anything on the internet, but skilled or niche labor remains challenging to find in some areas.

Job boards are great for employers looking to post jobs and for freelancers looking for work. They can help everyone find what they’re looking for.

AI writers are becoming more popular in the workforce, and it’s not difficult to find a job that matches your skillset. It’s easier than ever to search for jobs online and meet new people.

The site’s ad providers can also help you create banners that are more appealing with their backend marketing tools. You’ll be able to make a few extra bucks by setting up ads on your site.

6. Podcast Website

Podcasts are popular, and the best part is they’re easy to make. Anyone can be a podcaster and the podcast can be about anything. In fact, most bloggers usually have their own podcasts.

Podcasts are another great way to earn money from your website. Not only do they promote the host’s content to people who visit their blog, but they also allow them to 

create revenue through advertising and sponsorships. In addition, it’s wise to include your own friends because the more people you have using your podcast, the more money it will generate!

7. Educational Websites

There are websites dedicated to education and most of these exist to help people find reliable opportunities.

Offering more detailed information on specific areas like math and science will help retain students and provide them with the extra information they need. Videos, examples, and interactive content can make your content stand out.

You should be careful when targeting a younger audience. Make sure you mention any important info that parents should also find in your content so they know how to approach the issue.

8. Coupon Website

To attract new customers, businesses need to offer competitive pricing and discounts. Many will do this on their own websites or social media, but a lot of people look for 

those kinds of offers are online due to the sheer number of choices they have online.

With an affiliate website, you can focus on providing visitors with the best possible advice. This will provide a lot of great opportunities to add affiliate links and reap the benefits that come with generating extra income.

Keeping your website up to date with daily deals and offerings will give your customers the best value for their money. Providing feedback on how well a coupon is working, 

which can help optimize landing pages, is an easy way to find out if it’s meeting your desired goals.

15. Auction House

One good thing about auctions is that they allow you to purchase items at cheaper rates than retail. The best part? You can do it all over eBay.

Although eBay is the only auction site on popular websites, there really aren’t any restrictions to using a different website as an auction venue. There are some websites 

that make money by not charging users to sell items.

Your role is to provide a platform for your clients to list items and make purchases. This allows your clientele to reach more people and help drive profits. In turn, you 

are compensated for the service through auction fees from sellers.

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