9 Jobs That You Can Work From Home

9 Jobs That You Can Work From Home & Still Take Care of Your Kids but it can be very difficult to balance everyday life as a parent. With so much left on your plate, feeding, bathing, and playing with your kids can reduce the little time for yourself you have.

Being a parent and working at the same time is hard enough, but with your hours often determined by your bosses and other people’s whims, it’s even more of a challenge. That’s why we created this platform so that you can fill the void and be both a parent AND a professional.

Work From Home Jobs

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New technologies are resulting in increasingly favorable conditions for people around the world. More and more companies are turning remote and consequently, employees have more flexibility in their careers. This means that today, people with family life can work from home And parents can find jobs flexible enough so they can take care of their children’s needs at the same time.

If you are interested in finding a work-from-home job that suits both your interests and your desire to stay at home with your children, have a look at these 9 options

1. Customer Service Representative

The average salary is $35,934 per year or about $17/hr.

Work Description

Customer service representatives help customers by answering questions, However, gathering customer information, and providing solutions for problems.

Customer service representatives are the first point of contact for many customers, and their job is to provide solutions to any problems that arise. A customer service representative’s responsibilities can vary depending on the company, but they often include answering phone calls, emails, and chat messages from customers.

Customer service representatives may also be responsible for selling products and services over the phone or online. You can work as often or as little as you want, coming in to help any time you’ve got a spare moment. Working as an online tutor is a flexible career that lets you set your hours and take on as much or as little work as you want.

It’s perfect for stay-at-home parents, retirees, or anyone who wants to make extra money. You can work around your schedule and come in to help students when you have a spare moment.

2. Data Entry Specialist

The average salary for this position is $35,833 per year.

Work Description

Data entry specialists deal with data, which can be of any kind. This requires strong typing skills and a meticulous approach to entering said data into many spreadsheets, making sure it’s always accurate.

A data entry specialist is a person who enters data into fields in a spreadsheet and ensures the accuracy of that data. A data entry specialist may work with any kind of data, but they usually work with a specific type. For example, an accountant might work with financial information like credit card transactions or cash receipts while someone working in marketing might be responsible for entering customer email addresses into a database.

3. Virtual Assistant

Annual pay on average income is $38,478

Work Description

You don’t need to be tied down to a desk or have to go into an office when you have a virtual assistant. The work is done remotely meaning that you needn’t waste time driving in traffic or standing in the rain.

A virtual assistant can take care of any task that you give them, whether it’s organizing your schedule and appointments, booking flights and hotels, or even typing up documents for you. This means that you can be fully dedicated to your work without having to worry about anything else.

You will spend your time managing emails, social media, calendars, etc. this will take up a lot of your daily schedule. As a copywriter, your time is valuable and you should try to spend as much of it as possible doing the more creative aspects of the job. If you are spending most of your day managing emails, social media posts, calendars, and various other tasks then you are not utilizing your time effectively.

4. Translator Work From Home Jobs

The salaries for this position start at $32 per hour, or about $67,343 a year.

Work Description

Translators can work with written documents, audio files, or videos. They translate either written content or visual content from one language to another. When it comes to translating a written document, the translator will need to be fluent in both the translation language and the original language.

They will also need to have an excellent understanding of the subject matter to produce a high-quality translation. Audio files are translated through timecodes and pauses that allow the translator to understand where one sentence ends and another begins. Translators can work with anything from short

As a translator, you have the option of working for one company that needs constant translation or you can get individual projects and take on assignments as they come your way.

5. Social Media Specialist Work From Home Jobs

The average annual salary for a financial advisor is $42,000 per year.

Work Description

Social media specialists are in charge of managing different social media accounts. You’ll create and schedule posts designed to boost engagement, ensure companies’ social media presences are strong, and even handle content or ads.

Social media specialists are in charge of managing different social media accounts. You’ll create and schedule posts designed to boost engagement, ensure companies’ social media presences are strong, and more. You’ll also be responsible for handling customer service inquiries from different types of social channels.

With a powerful AI writer, you don’t even have to spend time brainstorming new content for your social media updates.

6. Bookkeeper Work From Home Jobs

An average person has the potential to earn a salary somewhere between $18 and $38,187 per year.

Work Description

Bookkeeping requires specialized skills, such as the ability to keep close tabs on the company’s financial transactions. They’ll then organize the data and update statements and documents daily. You may also handle payments and invoicing, as well as bills and other expenses.

Working as a freelancer can be stressful and time-consuming. It’s not just about completing a project, but also about managing all of the other tasks that come with being your boss. If you’re looking to make your life easier, then read on to learn how invoicing software can help.

7. Computer Troubleshooting Technician

The hourly rate for these jobs is $22, or even higher at $45,738 per year.

Work Description

Work to solve IT problems and answer questions about computer software and hardware. Like any company’s in-house IT department, a remote computer troubleshooting technician can diagnose technical issues, Similarly, walk individuals through solutions, and even fix problems remotely with online access.

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Computer technicians are the ones that are responsible for solving IT problems and answering questions about computers and software. They work to fix the issues that arise from hardware malfunctions and system errors.

8. Transcriber Work From Home Jobs

On average, the pay for a C.N.A. is $15 per hour or about $31,110 per year.

Work Description

With quick typing abilities and a good ear, transcribers turn audio into written documents. You’ll listen to an audio file, then transcribe what you hear into an online document. Accuracy, detail, and correctness are key skills you’ll need in this role.

A transcriptionist is a professional who transcribes recorded speech or other audio recordings into written form. Transcriptionists are employed to convert recorded words from a speech onto paper.

9. Proofreader Work From Home Jobs

On average, a Proofreader earns $43,126 per year⁹

Work Description

Work From Home Jobs

Proofreaders are responsible for catching and correcting errors in written texts. They will look out for big or small errors like whether or not written material makes sense, logical flaws, and any grammatical mistakes. Proofreaders can pick up individual assignments to build a portfolio, after that, work can become more regular over time.

Many writers are looking for a way to grow their portfolio and income. Copy editors are in demand because many agencies and companies want someone who can constructively critique the work they produce. Proofreaders can pick up individual assignments which can make it.


Balancing a job and children isn’t easy but I understand you don’t want to make sacrifices. With home-based jobs, you can choose the right work hours so you can work efficiently and still have time with your kids.

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