Avoiding Make Money Online SCAMS

Make money online scams are rampant these days, with new ones popping up every day. In a recent study, it was found that an average of 1 in every 15 websites is a scam. These schemes can be quick and easy to fall for, but there are some simple ways that you can avoid them.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have more freedom, more time, and independence from the boss?  Entrepreneurship can be a very rewarding lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean you should just take anyone’s word for it. There are plenty of scams in the industry, so be sure to do your research before handing over any money. Once you’ve learned to spot the lies, you’ll be able to pinpoint the truth. 

What Are Make Money Online Scams?                     

Understanding what a scam is can be tricky. Wikipedia defines it as an attempt to cheat someone by sharing privileged information. You could argue that – but by that definition, every burger joint has scammed us with false pictures and promises of big, juicy burgers, but what they sell is a bun with condiments and an embarrassingly small piece of meat buried in there somewhere. So, scams can be hard to spot and therefore we want you to know that there are a lot of them out there. Scammers might take your money and run or they could install malicious software onto your device. Some scams might not be as blatant and these tend to be the hardest ones to spot.

I think it’s all about finding what works for your business or niche. Not every product will deliver the same value. The ones that provide enough value, but fall short of their promise, might be useful for people who are looking for something 

basic. But maybe they will seem like a waste of time to someone else. I think it depends on the person, though.

Many businesses in the make-money-online industry lure their audience to buy one product but only provide a single piece of information. It seems like they’re trying to trick their customers by leaving out half the puzzle and after getting their money, they only get one small piece of it, which is not much help.

It’s easy to be misled by misleading content. For example, not too long ago I had a chance to review a course that promised to teach you how to rank your videos in the 1 spot on YouTube. But this guarantee wasn’t real and once anyone shares a trick” for this the trick won’t last for too long as search engines have gotten big updates to detect these tricks.

After going through a few tutorials, the instructor said, “I doubt this will work for highly competitive videos. For low competition ones, it should work fine.” To be fair, the course didn’t deliver on all its promises. However, the course did contain helpful information and is well-thought-out.I’m not sure if it counts as a scam, but the ‘hook’ used to sell it might be considered one. All in all, the course provided some great value and I would recommend checking it out.

                            How to Spot Make Money Online Scams?

12 Tips for Investing Wisely  

Most of us have seen these red flags before, but we still get fooled. Just like we hope magic will work, there is a promise for a better life on scams and it’s very tempting. For example, some people will buy sketchy courses or invest in cryptocurrency and they won’t see any results and they’ll

Spotting scams is hard, so here are some of the most common signs. While this won’t always mean that something is a scam, 

it often does. If you think something might have value, take the time to research it further before making any decisions. Sometimes, even if a product is legitimate, it may still seem deceptive to its consumers. I find this especially true of the way a burger’s picture on a menu is designed to catch your eye and make you want it.

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1. Within Minutes, You’ll Be Making Money

Scams are usually pretty obvious. They offer unrealistic promises of quick and easy money, but the reality is that you have to put in a lot to make any at all. Some of these scams are so blatant that you can tell they’re a scam just by looking at their three-step solution, and the 

implication is not the same as that of legitimate programs that break down their solution to make it simpler. This may be a ploy to get your money. First, you need to sign up. Second, log in and use the course you bought. Finally, deposit money in your account for this whole thing to work. There’s no need for step 3. Step 2 is all that’s needed here. What sentence did you just read?

Instead of looking at this argument from one perspective, let’s look at it from another. Some programs advertise you can make $10-20 for just a few minutes of work. If you do the math, that’s hundreds of dollars an hour. I know what you’re asking. There are no “sure” things in business. If there were, I would be the first person to sign up. 

What I will say is that this doesn’t guarantee you’ll make hundreds an hour. If you want to give it a try, go ahead and create your course and market it as hard as you can. – but don’t If there was a machine that guaranteed to spit out $20 bills for every $10 put in, one would have to be pretty stupid not to take advantage of it. Sometimes people think that they only need to spend money on the right people and equip them with the right tools. That’s 

 money online

not quite how it works. Sure, they could hire someone to do the work for them, but then that person would burn out and wouldn’t be able to handle everything. Not only that, what if that person isn’t qualified enough? They would have a worse

2. They Don’t Tell You What You Will Be Doing

Many people are hesitant to make any purchases with their credit or debit card in person, especially if they’re not sure what they’re paying for. The same applies when shopping online. However, these scams usually involve you paying for something upfront. You’ll be shown a sales page, but the “secret” is only revealed AFTER you pay with your credit card. The truth is, there is no “secret”.

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Bringing in cash online resembles anything more. It’s a cycle, it requires work and you need to figure out how to get it done. Nobody is selling the “secret” to fixing vehicles. Or on the other hand, the “secret” to playing the piano. They are largely abilities that require information, preparation, and practice.

Furthermore, if you somehow happened to look at a school that shows car technicians, or piano examples, you would not be shipped off a business page with a “purchase currently” button. What you would probably see is a course portrayal illustrating all that you will learn, a timetable, and perhaps the course targets and results.

 money online

A genuine bring-in cash online program will typically clarify, in at minimum some detail, what they instruct and what you will do.

3. Watch For The $1 Trial and Money Back Guarantee

It is not a foolproof indicator of a scam, but the $1 trial is only a way to get your credit card details. They might want to identify buyers and disqualify those without credit cards.

When your credit card comes out (even for $1), you are identified as a “possible buyer”. It’s no big deal, but it does show that you were ready to spend money and this is what scammers look for when fishing for prey.

Car dealers do this all the time. They’ll ask for a deposit – but it’s fully refundable. They’re showing that you’re interested and committed to buying one of their cars by making this request. I wouldn’t want to discourage you from purchasing products with free trials, money-back guarantees, etc. Many good services offer them. I’d recommend being extra careful though if they’re asking for your credit card information straight up.

4. Be Careful Of The Automatic Renewal

Most sites with trial periods will automatically renew your account after the trial is over. It’s best to learn about the service provider before signing up. Provide them with private account information and it’s critical to be sure that their payment system is safe and secure. I contacted customer support and inquired about their cancellation policy – does it require at least 30 days advance notice before canceling?

Some scams make money because people don’t know they need to cancel. If everyone paid for the first month and then canceled, this company would be making a lot of money. The other downside to a free trial is that many people will want their money back.

If they are unhappy, they may not cancel the subscription and just take the first month as a loss. You’ll want to research their promo before using it and establish a line of communication with them. It could be hard to get a refund if it’s just a scam,

but the company might offer one. Shame on those sneaky companies. I had the same problem once and it took some time to get some money back. At least now I know better!

5. No Contact Information

If they don’t have a way to contact you, it’s a good indication that you’re not dealing with a legitimate company. Legitimate organizations who are dealing with this type of profit will usually have information about who is in charge, 

their contact information, etc. They often post a contact form or they’ll accept customer support tickets.

When spending a significant amount of money, it can be reassuring to have contact with support before you buy.

Before transferring your funds and signing up to a company, be sure to send them a message and ask questions about the program. Even better, look for an ‘About Us’ page for details on who you’re sending your money to. For an example of a program that prioritizes your confidence, check out my top recommended program, Wealthy Affiliate. When you scroll down and move through the tabs at the top of the page, you will find contact information. a section on what is taught at the school and a description of the school.

6. Are You Buying a Product, Or A Lifestyle?

We all know this sounds like a get-rich-quick scheme, but it is one of the easiest ways to spot a scam. None of these videos or webinars ever spend any time telling you how they make money I’ve noticed that people are often tempted to provide “about me” introductions, which can end up taking up more time than they intended. Make sure you know what you’re getting into. You’ll likely be told stories of successes and sent pictures of all the places they’ve gone to, like their penthouse or yacht.

The videos and pictures you’ll share at home will probably include a Lamborghini in the driveway and a mansion in the 

background. I’ve been part of webinars where piles of cash are just left on a des as if they’re not important. Imagine how much money they have. They can’t even fit it in their pocket or wallet, let alone the bank.

These are lifestyle videos that provide an informal introduction for people wanting to learn more about living a better life. A number of them are low-income earners themselves and have worthwhile information on how You don’t need to spend a life living in luxury.

It may involve a lot of hard work and hustling, but those who manage to do it enjoy the reward of having an exceptional lifestyle. I have made a fortune online, but that’s not the point. The point is that these people are just like you. They have regular jobs and residences, drive common cars, and work for 8 hours each day…

As good as it may seem at first glance, flashy sales pages might not be what they seem. Proceed with caution. We’re all intrigued by the idea of online schemes. I know that, for me, I’ve been a victim of a few of these before. Unfortunately, many times they’re all promises and have no substance.

7. The Self-Promoting Sales Funnel

If you’ve been looking for ways to make money online – or maybe you’re looking for a job or other opportunities – there’s a scam going around. It might look like it’s playing well, but if you pay them anything they could make big bucks and leave with your cash.

Other things to be on the lookout for are any product or program that offers a self-promoting sales funnel. While not all of them are shady, some offer good training with quality products. When dealing with expensive programs like this, you should always watch out for anything that might require you to invest more than the cost of the program itself. 

Traffic is one big way scammers can ask for additional investment. The first thing these scammers will tell you is that they have a custom or done-for-you sales funnel, which could be untrue. Some marketing professionals may call it a ‘funnel’. It is typically believed that it works.

Their done-for-you pipe is a total “machine” that sells their program. There will ordinarily be landing or press pages, a business page as well as deals video, and a progression of messages for you to convey. You should simply purchase the advertising instruments, for example, an email autoresponder, and afterward, send traffic to their deals page. Unfortunately, getting the traffic is the most troublesome, and expensive part (that is the reason they need you to make it happen).

Assuming it was so straightforward, they would not require you to do it. The reason they do, be that as it may, is because the essential technique for directing people to the business page is through paid publicizing. This means, THEY’RE not going to pay for the traffic. You will. However, just relax, with their demonstrated deals pipe, you will in all likelihood get more cash-flow in commissions than you spend on Ads. But something doesn’t make any sense here. Allow me to clarify…

You Can’t Lose???

99% of the time, these programs will fall under “lifestyle selling” by doing a sales video while driving a Ferrari. One way they might convey this sentiment is by casually mentioning their recent vacation. When talking about their trip, they might say something like “if you haven’t been there, I highly recommend it.” One example might be that Six-Figure Mentors does not promise that you will become rich. The implication, however, is plain to see. Other companies may make wild claims, such as, “You’ll earn $15,000 within six months.” They may even 

guarantee it. The question is, how much money will you spend to make that $15,000? People always ask, “will it be $1000?” or “$2000?”. I don’t know if I would have invested in this company had it been that much money. They say you’ll get more back than the amount you put in, but they fail to mention that the process takes a long time and there’s lots of work required. It sounds like their algorithm is spitting out five dollars for every dollar that’s put in

– doesn’t that sound like easy money? For the sake of simplicity, let’s say they need to put four dollars in before they make one dollar. How much does your monthly income need to cover for you to invest in a program that could replace it? Make money online click here

$10,000 cannot be made with a $50 or $100 investment for this type of marketing funnel program. To make 10K even if you spend 10K to cover the cost of the program and advertising you need to make about 20K. The internet has given people so many opportunities,

but it also attracts an abundance of get-rich-quick schemes that promise large returns with little investment. Not all of these are good ideas, though. They show you video footage of expensive cars, mansions, and vacations. Of course, there’s a promotional offer for this for a limited time, starting at $50 or $100.

The Money Printing Machine

This is one of the most important points to consider when you are looking for a program. I can tell you from experience that there are legitimate programs out there that will teach you how to make up to 6 figures per month, but they are long-term programs that take time. Let’s put this into perspective. If it took two or three years to make $10,000, you wouldn’t be able to make a very enticing sales pitch. So, you would present something like “60 days!” for $10,000, rather than 2-3 years.


The numbers speak for themselves. Well, it’s not even you that needs to say anything — the consumer just needs to do a quick calculation and we’re sure they’ll be convinced. At the point of sale, they might think we’re charging way too much, but hey! Look how many deals they get! Some people might think the system is too expensive, but since you can get 10K in 60 days back on your investment of $1,000 (see bracketed text It,) might seem like a small price to pay for success.

We’re getting a 1,000% return on your money in just 60 days – what more can you ask for? Even if you have to wait for 6 months, it’s worth the investment. The rich and powerful seem to dominate the media with their unbelievable successes. But even if Bill Gates invested $1 

billion, he would get $10 billion back out of it? Could this be true for every dollar he puts in? And is this even possible for other people than just billionaires? In terms of financial gain, it would take more than $1,000 to make $10,000. It might be close to a 200% return if you spent $5,000, but on average people don’t go into these things expecting to have to pay that much money. That’s why more importantly,

AI-powered trading systems are giving you the right information that won’t force you to have that kind of money. The best investors in the world have had successful investments of under 100% returns. Maybe even after accounting for all the bad investments, they’ve had Some people think that automatic writers are writing full stories, editing them, and then spitting them out for sale. These people are wrong.

The Scam

On the other hand, if they did have this “proven” system, they would be investing more into it. With the numbers adding up like this, this seems to be their primary focus. While they may not be teaching English classes, they are creating training programs, videos, webinars, and high-pressure sales pages with countdown timers to get you to join the machine. This is kind of like a pyramid scheme, but in this case, the machine is losing money instead.

But as it’s now “paying” people who joined thanks to those few sales it made, those people make more sales which continue giving out cash and turning new users into members.


This is when you either give up or run out of money. But, by then your advertising dollars have brought in six people with the same dream of making it big. They’ll pay for advertising all by themselves. Wait, there’s more… It’s very common for scammers to also be managers.

They can make all the sales without spending any money on marketing. You’ll have to deal with customer complaints and the legal liability of running your business. The only time they paid commissions was when someone made a purchase. They placed all of their advertising expenses and Proven-To-Convert Stunning Websites, Sales Pages, Squeeze Pages, Ecom Stores And Blogsall of the risks on those who bought and promoted it–this graphic shows the scam.

8. The Use of Scarcity Tactics

In the online world, people have a short attention span. Writers who make posts tend to keep their posts to a few lines 

to grab their audience’s attention. For this reason, it is recommended that you make a post no more than one or two paragraphs long. Indeed, even authentic advertisers use shortage to keep you on the page. They need you to play out an activity that draws you nearer to purchasing. When you believe something is restricted or running out, you’re more disposed to buy it NOW.


The only shortage is certifiably not a sign that something is a trick. How it’s applied, however, can see us a lot. The utilization of shortage to impact conduct is the same old thing. It’s the basic power that drives rivalry, which the whole economy is based upon. The market works on the reason that there isn’t sufficient stuff for everybody. In the actual world, this can be true.

But, in the computerized universe, not really. How scant is an advanced download? How can one run out of online information? There are straightforward explanations behind restricting admittance to things on the web. For instance, individual conferences With regards to tricks notwithstanding, the shortage is made.

Weapons of Influence

One of the most highly-regarded marketing books in the world is ‘Influencer: The Psychology of Persuasion, written by Robert Cialdini. His book, published in 1984, details six principles that he calls ‘weapons of automatic influence’.

* Reciprocity

* Commitment and Consistency

* Social Proof

* Authority

* Linking, and…

*  Scarcity

Scarcity is used by every industry – not just the ones you might expect to see it. From car sales to restaurants, grocery stores, and more, scarcity can be applied in any situation to convince someone that they don’t want to risk missing out. A good example would be a “limited time only” menu item. The Wendy’s Bacon Portabella Mushroom Melt burger is one of those items customers can’t get enough of.

People in the “make-money-online” industry are experts at making you feel like there’s a near-infinite demand for their products. However, this may not always be the case—they may be employing scarcity to make you give in to their incentives (e.g., greed or fear).

We urge that while some scarcity is necessary, it should not be excessive. It’s natural to have a cold foot sometimes when you think about buying from them. But the truth is, the chances of coming back are rarely great when you don’t explore your options in detail before deciding.

When Scarcity is Legit, and When It’s A Scam

So, since both honest and dishonest people use this strategy, how do we know what to look for? Is it a digital download or a physical product? For example, if someone steals your favorite Taylor Swift song on iTunes, at some point you’ll run out of copies that they can steal. If there is no physical product involved, it might be a scam to say “limited” when they mean “digital” – like if you’re selling an online membership program.

There is an exception to this rule, namely digital products that ask for someone’s time – for example, a course that includes consultations or direct access to the person teaching it. In this case, it’s understandable if spots are limited. A person’s time is not unlimited. Is the product location 

specific? Although it seems like there’s a Starbucks and McDonald’s (and here in Canada… Tim Horton), There need to be some limits of some kind, sooner or later. It’s easy to spot these scams online. Just remember: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. For instance,

if the program boasts about being the only one in your city or state, they might have ulterior motives. and if the sales territory could potentially become too saturated If you have an open sales territory, beware of people contacting you about limited spots in your hometown. These messages are almost always scams.

9. Beware of Geo-Targeted Ads

This solution is the best one. You find yourself reading about a woman after clicking what appears to be a legitimate story. The article is about the life of a single mom who overcame difficult odds and built her kingdom. This is a great story of triumph―she went from struggling financially to making thousands of dollars each week by running her business online.

As a single mom, Dantae struggled to provide for her children while working a full-time job. But she never gave up and found success in less than a month! She lives near you, so the same thing is possible for you too. Don’t be tricked into clicking on these ads just because you’re in a certain location. Make sure to take a quick look at the URL before obeying that catchy slogan.

10. Don’t Believe The Fake Testimonials

There is nothing wrong with testimonials. They are extremely important when it comes to deciding what to buy or not to buy. And because they are so essential, that is why some scams have come up where people are paid for reviews, which can mislead consumers. “Phony” comments usually become suspicious when they’re written by the same person. They’re usually written in a similar style, which can be an indication that their authenticity is questionable. For example, if every comment used the word “outstanding,” they might not be authentic comments at all.


It might not be an exact science, but similar testimonials will likely share the same tone and use of words, so if you sense repetition it’s a good idea to check other parts of the text for typos and mistakes in grammar. Although there are many good ones, not all AI-generated content is up to standard. Some pieces are poorly translated and use quotes from countries like Norway even though the copy is supposed to be from predominantly English-speaking parts of the world.

As I reviewed some scams over the past few days, I found myself looking at some of them in further detail. It turns out that most of the people in the testimonial images are stock photos that were bought off photography sites with a simple modification to make them look vaguely like someone else.

You can see this happen often with copywriting, where phrases from one With more people becoming skeptical of the claim that every commercial is real, some brands are using actors in “behind-the-scenes” videos. And just because the person seems too good to be true doesn’t mean they can’t be a paid actor.

Getting testimonials doesn’t always work smoothly, and that’s where Fiverr can come in. Just head over to Fiverr and search “spokesperson video,” and you’ll find what I mean with a few clicks! With a critical eye, you can tell whether a testimonial is genuine or fake. But if you need more help, testimonials are still valuable in reassuring potential buyers.

11. Check Out The Comments Section

Phony comment sections can be spotted by looking for fake reviews with long strings of activity. So far, most of the comments I’ve seen seem to be coming from Facebook with few likes. That should be enough to warn you it might just be a scam. If nothing happens when you click on it or if you get directed to a different page, it’s a scam. A lack of comments isn’t the only indicator that something might be fishy, though.

The absence of commenting means that sites usually have to moderate comments and spam. Consequently, it’s tough for them to keep up with questions and respond quickly enough. The only other option is to take input from visitors, but this can also be a hassle and sometimes doesn’t produce any content at all. If you have a question, for example, one about upsells or the teaching process, all you have to do is ask them!

The best way to go about this is by requesting any information they might be able to provide. No response is in sight? Wait a few days to see how it goes instead of giving away your credit card information and account to someone who might not be interested in your wellbeing.

12. Look For The Representing Name(s) or Face(s)

There are real purposes behind namelessness on the web, yet not when selling a program or course. Anyone who has invested the energy and exertion into making a course or participation program is pleased with it. They need their name on it. 

money online

They might invite you by and by, or even call or text straightforwardly. On the off chance that somebody (or a program) is promising to fill your financial balances with cash, and no name or face is addressing it… simply move on. It’s a trick.

Ways To Know When Something Is Legitimate

Since I’ve covered what to search for in a trick, we should go over certain markers that highlight a certifiable item… and there are a few great ones out there whether you’re searching for genuine work-at-home positions and organizations, or internet advertising gigs.

The greater part of these is truly searching for something contrary to the things you ought to keep away from. Yet, they are on the whole worth focusing on at any rate. It Has A Strong Community

It Has A Strong Community

There could be no more excellent method for knowing whether something is genuine or not than local area association. Assuming something is a trick, the proprietors won’t need individuals (or clients) conversing with one another. On the other hand, assuming they empower it, you can be sure that it’s an authentic program.

Showcasing strategies

That doesn’t mean it’s the right program for you. On the off chance that you’re simply beginning, for instance, you might require bit by bit preparing, rather than cutting-edge showcasing strategies. However, I’d bookmark it. As you progress in your online vocation or business, it very well may be actually what you want a half year or a year down the road. A stunningly better pointer that something is authentic, is the point at which the owner(s) are dynamic members locally.

As I would like to think, close to the nature of the preparation, the local area what is significant to search for when joining a program. It will be your unmistakable advantage to progress. Likewise, it’s amusing to be essential for a local area that shares your inclinations. One with individuals who have comparative difficulties, and individuals to direct you down a way they’ve as of now strolled.

A REAL Free Membership Is Available

Assuming a program offers a free enrollment (which means NO CREDIT CARD), it’s a decent pointer you’re checking out a legit association. It implies they’re sure enough in their item to part with it or show you front and center before you purchase. The program’s with a lot of free substance, preparing and no-cost enrollments are typically esteem-driven first, with the benefit being optional. These are the ones you need to be a piece of. In any case, it’s as yet vital to converse with others locally and blend before deciding to move up to a paid participation.

Also, be basic when you’re a free part. Is the preparation any benefit? Would you be able to get backing or assist when you with requiring it? Assuming that it’s allowed to join, however, it’s worth the effort to look at. You never need to pass up on a potential open door that could completely change yourself to improve things.

The Process Is Described BEFORE You Enter Your Credit Card Information, Not After

As currently examined, never join something that conceals the whole cycle behind a compensation divider. You’re not requesting that they offer their best stuff for nothing. You simply need to know the fundamental idea.

The great projects that show online business will share systems that might have required long stretches of preliminary, blunder, trial and error, and systems administration to create.

Making these courses and projects takes a great deal of time and cash. In this way, it’s justifiable that individuals will be monitored with what they offer as free substances.

Yet, that is not what you’re inquiring about. You simply need the fundamental standards they instruct. Step-by-step instructions to bring in cash online are certainly not confidential. On the off chance that they will not let you know that much, for sure it is you’ll do to bring in cash, it’s a trick.

An authentic program will give some free preparation or a course layout before asking you for a Visa number. An incredible model is Brandon Gaille’s program at the blog tycoon. If you look down to the lower part of the page, Brandon shows you precisely what he instructs in his course.

                                                  Final Thoughts

This is the data age.

There’s a great deal of garbage out there, however, “Goodness” … some unimaginable stuff as well. The information and experience we have accessible to us today are faltering, and I’m intrigued to realize how that affects mankind.

Assuming you choose to pursue a program, there’s no assurance that you’ll get what you’re searching for. Yet, with a little examination and regard for the key pointers referenced in this article, you can pursue online lucrative tricks once again into the corner, rather than having them pursue you.

Kindly leave a remark beneath; I’d very much want to hear your musings. Have you run into any tricks as of late? How treat the search for in a Make-Money-Online program?

Assuming you found this article valuable, or figure it very well may be useful for other people… Please share. ????

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