Creative Make Money Online as a Photographer

Creative Make Money Online as a Photographer. Some photographers take it part-time while others wish it lasted forever. Either way, digital photography has brought lots of opportunities to photographers and more ways to earn money in the industry.


The rise of smartphones and social media has changed how you can earn money with your work. Nowadays, there are dozens of ways you can make money as a photographer. Here are some of the most popular methods:

Work for clients

Going freelance as an artist is easy and has a lot of perks; it’s your own set rates, you decide with whom to work, and you’re in control of how your work turns out. Whether this is what’s best for the long term is up to the individual. Entry-level photographers can charge upwards of $50/hour for a shoot. Meanwhile, you might agree to process and retouch a few photos for your client as part of the shoot.

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For freelance photography, a website with a portfolio of work will go a long way in the promotion process. Depending on the level of work you have completed previously, this can provide you with the opportunity to build up some new clients as well! If you have not had the opportunity to build up a portfolio yet, don’t worry! you’re a good photographer, consider specializing in wedding photography, corporate photography, or family photography. If you have a particular interest that isn’t covered in your area or city, it might be best to try and build up your own portfolio of images online.

Explore product photography

One specialty that often gets overlooked is the world of product photography. While it may not be as glamorous as corporate or wedding photography, there are plenty of companies out there with a steady stream of new products that need to be a photo shoot. Jewelers, florists, clothing retailers, and more all rely on product photos in order to make their ads or sell products online. For example, some appliances can be sold with their own custom-made photo or simply reused from the last sale.

For product photography, youā€™ll need a more specialized lighting setup than you would for an event or fine art photography, including a plain white backdrop against which to display the items. You can either create a mobile product photography studio or do most of your own business by going to craft fairs, visiting Etsy, or searching for businesses on eBay. You can sometimes find items you need and have them shipped directly to your home.

Become a real estate photographer

If you enjoy taking pictures of houses for sale or rent, taking pictures for websites like Airbnb can be a profitable side gig. Sites like Yelp provide photographers with in-kind payment for their services, and some businesses need photographs for Yelp reviews and other listings.

Many people take photographs when they buy a property, and then it’s up to you and your creativity to get the shots that show off the best part of this property. If you have a video walk-through of the property, you can charge more. Reach out to real estate agencies and see if they are in need of additional photographers.

Sell prints of your images

Can you make money by selling your images to customers? Yes, but only if you have a lot of valuable work and are really good. This is an option that helps those who do landscape photography or art in general.

If you have a following on Instagram or a website, start by converting it into buyers from your followers. This can be done by creating an online shop using Shopify. Lovely! You can also sell prints through sites like Fine Art America! You just need to ship the prints to them and they’ll take care of the rest.

If you want to sell your work at a gallery, then talk to local showrooms or exhibition organizers.

License your images to stock photography sites

One easy way to earn money as a photographer is to place your images on stock photography websites. You won’t make tons of money, but you’ll get paid royalties every time someone uses your work, and it’s also a good option if you have lots of photos. Shutterstock, one of the most popular stock photography sites, has paid over $500 million to photographers since its inception.

Once you’re done capturing your photos, it’s simple to use their app or upload them directly from Instagram. They offer a variety of different kinds of editing that you can choose from and make impactful choices for your original photos.

Start a Patreon

A lot of professional photographers are now trying Patreon subscriptions to supplement their income. This is a way to offer content that is sold earlier in the process, such as prints or artwork. With Patreon, you’ll be able to reach out to your many followers and monetize content for two people. Whether you’re a travel blogger or just love taking pictures, AI creators can be incredibly helpful for your business. They take amazing pictures that are unmatchable and allow you to focus more on other important aspects of your blog.

There’s no better way to monetize your following than by setting up a Patreon account. Your followers can pledge a certain amount of money on a monthly basis to get access to exclusive content. You’re in complete control of what content is available for them. so you can even send time-exclusive stories and photos that your patrons might enjoy the most! to subscribers who pledge a higher amount. This might be a great way to develop a recurring income stream, but it’s important to remember that there are risks involved with this funding model when compared with grants, loans, and donations.

Rent out equipment on KitSplit

Another way to make more money is to rent out your gear when you’re not using it. While this might seem like taking a risk, there are services like Thumbtack that provide insurance protection and allow you to rent your gear again if someone runs off with it. With AI, letting agents have become a lot more convenient and safe for both tenants and landlords. There are far fewer calls about fraudulent behavior, which is why the industry hasn’t been able to keep up in recent times.

KitSplit and ShareGrid are ramping up their payouts to make it an enticing option for photographers who would otherwise have to store items in a warehouse or sell them at a loss. Renters who use your camera to make extra money are more than happy! They’re never waiting around for their rental, which means they can carry their gear out the door at no cost to them!

Rent out studio space on Peerspace

Consider renting out your artist’s loft or studio space on Peerspace. Why not also start a side business? Photographers are always on the lookout for affordable space to work in. Just search “photographer” on freelance job websites today!

There are a lot of benefits to listing your workspace on Peerspace. Not only will you be able to add the studio to any current listing, but youā€™ll also be able to rent out equipment in the studio for a marketing advantage. Itā€™s free, and there are no fees when accepting or declining bookings.


Good luck with selling your photos! You’ve learned what you need to know about how photographers can make more money, so now it makes sense for you to put your education to use.

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