How to Make Money Blogging

So you’re wondering how to make money from your blog? It sounds like a lot of fun and you might not be the only one thinking it! You can monetize your blog in a variety of ways and If you’re going the easy route with popup ads, you’re not maximizing what your blog is capable of. Just think about all the other less invasive monetization methods that are out there. I’m here to give you some ideas about how to make money with a blog.

However, I’ll cover the most popular methods as well as some alternative methods that you might not have thought of yet. The best thing about your blog is that you can give it multiple monetization ideas that will create a solid income stream. Enough of this! It’s time to get started. 

17 ways to make money from your #blog – #monetization

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How to make money blogging

In this post, I’ll list some of the most popular methods for monetizing your blog and I’ll start with the ones that pay the most and work my way down from there. If you already have experience with how to start making money with a blog, you might be able to jump straight to one of the following articles. Otherwise, read the next section.

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1. Promote products via affiliate marketing

Let’s start with one of the least-known ways to make money blogging, even though it could be one of your biggest earners:

Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing involves earning a commission for recommending products or services. When someone buys as a result of clicking from your site, you’ll be compensated either through a percentage or flat fee And there are several ways to earn money online by writing. You could blog about a product and get paid when someone

purchases it from your review. An example of this is SiteGround, which only pays us if someone signs up with them through our affiliate link that you can continuously curate or mention different products in one article.

The price of products is the same no matter how the customer found out about it: if they found out about it via an affiliate or on the vendor’s website.

So how can you find these affiliate opportunities?

One way to find affiliate programs is to look in the footer of a company’s website. A lot of businesses have affiliate links, which means they’re interested in growing their customer base and helping you do so, too.

One way to find out about the best affiliate programs is to sign up for an affiliate network. Here are a few good ones:


Commission Junction


Last but not least, if you’re also using WordPress, there are two more things you can try.

1. We have a partnership program that you should check out. Details are here.

2. Check out our list of the top WordPress-related affiliate programs!

2. Use Google AdSense ads

Google AdSense is one of the most popular ways to monetize blogs, so I’m giving it its category. If you’re not familiar with what AdSense ads look like, here’s a quick example:

To earn money by displaying AdSense ads on your site, you need to sign up for AdSense first. You can then copy the code on your site.

When you sign up for AdSense and add a code to your site, Google will show relevant ads on your pages and you’ll get paid every time someone clicks on the ad or even if they just see it.

3. Accept sponsored posts from companies

Companies are always looking to get the word out about their products and services. One popular method is through sponsored posts on content-rich blogs. If you have a popular blog, lots of companies will be willing to pay for the chance to promote themselves with a sponsored post. This might be one of the main strategies on your way to earning money from blogging. 

Read more: Make money blogging with WordPress by following these proven steps part-1

One way to find advertisers is to contact a network like Tapinfluence. However, I think the best approach is to create a page on your website and advertise your traffic and rates for sponsored posts. This will open up more opportunities with advertisers who are looking for your type of audience. Sponsors are always in need of new business, so don’t hesitate to reach out when the time is right!

Just be aware – it’s best to disclose when a post is sponsored. This way, the reader knows their opinion wasn’t influenced and they’re getting completely unbiased information.

4. Use other display network ads

Google AdSense is technically a display network. But because it’s so popular, I gave it its category. There are other 

networks where all you need to do is add code to your website and start displaying ads.

In a previous post, we outlined some AdSense alternatives. Some solid options are:



I’m not sure what you mean by “display advertising.” Here’s an example of what it might look like:

5. Sell ads directly to advertisers

Ad networks like AdSense find advertisers who want to put ads on your site to generate revenue for your blog. In return, they take a cut of what the advertiser pays you. To potentially generate more revenue and have more control over the ads appearing on your site, you might want to consider cutting out the middleman. Rather than selling ads through a third-party platform, advertisers can now reach out directly.

The best way to get sponsored content opportunities is to create an advert (page) on your site that lists the traffic data (including Google Analytics screenshots). You could also proactively reach out to companies in the hope of being contacted. Once you get some ads, there are plenty of WordPress plugins that can help you manage them. Some great ones are available, such as:

? AdRotate is a proven, successful, and highly praised platform that can help you monetize your website.

?Ads Pro Plugin is a powerful tool that will enable you to run Facebook & Google Ads        Manager by yourself. Here’s what it can do.

6. Sell a digital product, like an eBook

Talking about removing the broker… rather than depending exclusively on associate advertising to sell others’ items, you can make your computerized item that you offer to your crowd While it takes some forthright work, this is a genuinely famous method for bringing in cash from your blog.

For instance, the ProBlogger group has made 6 different eBooks that they sell using their blog:

Attempt to think about an item you could make given the subject of your blog. Then, at that point, market that item to your perusers!

7. Become a freelance blogger

Assuming you as of now appreciate writing for a blog, you can involve your blog as one major promotion to draw in customers able to pay you to blog and this is a strong method for earning enough to pay the rent (it’s My specialty!). Furthermore, it’s well known in some contributions to a blog specialty.

For instance, Carrie Smith Nicholson runs an individual accounting blog called Careful Cents that she likewise uses to observe independent contributing to blog customers:

The most ideal way to do this? Make a Hire Me page as Carrie did. Then, at that point, assuming somebody loves your composing, they know precisely how to reach out to you.

In any case, how treat need to begin this publishing content to a blog business? We suggest this extensive bit-by-bit guide by FirstSite Guide on the best way to make a blog without help from anyone else.

8. Create an eCourse

Like making an advanced item like an eBook, sending off your eCourse is one more famous technique for adapting a blog. Once more, consider what you’re a specialist at… and offer up a course to your perusers. For instance, Elna Cain has a blog about independent composing that she uses to advance her online courses:

Or on the other hand, you can generally make a Udemy course founded on your blog content and bring in cash that way.

9. Launch a membership site

A membership site is the final form of eBooks and online courses. It offers full access to your community for members, who pay monthly. Digital marketers’ “Lab” site is a good example of this and has premium content that readers can subscribe to for a monthly fee.

10. Charge people to read your posts

This sounds like a really weird way to make money. It doesn’t seem like people would pay just to read your blog posts. And I think it might depend on your niche. I can’t see this working for most sites. But bloggers like Mark Manson have had success with this. For example, the charges readers $4 a month to read unlimited posts. By limiting the number of posts available for free, readers get a taste of what you’re all about. For those who want to know more, they have the option of reading it by paying a small monthly fee and Consumer Reports also provides unbiased reviews and ratings, and more with a subscription plan.

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