How to make money from blogging

Blogging has been around for a while and is becoming more popular these days. Bloggers can make a good chunk of money without relying on anything else. Here’s how to start blogging, make your website look nice, and generate cash flow from it.


We’re going, to be honest: it’s not the easiest way to make money. What we love about it is that anyone can do it and it looks great on your resume. Anyone who has something interesting to say and the patience. A successful blog. To learn more about how they’re monetized, you should interview successful bloggers. Our guide is packed with practical steps to take when starting your blog and making it profitable. Whether you’re looking to run a side hustle or sell your products worldwide, the secrets are here. for more time to invest in it full-time or want to grow your side hustle, this guide can help.

What’s in this blogging guide? 

> How to start a blog

> What to blog about

> How to increase your blog traffic

> How to make money from blogging

> Biggest monetization challenges 

How to start a blog

With regards to picking a contributing to a blog stage, you have two prospects: free blog stages or facilitating your site. We should talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each.

1. Free blogging platforms


Best for Casual bloggers and those who write for fun

Pros: It’s easy to set up and entirely free.

Cons: One significant downside of writing for a blog with bloggers is that they hold the copyright to your substance and utilize specific elements. For instance, you can’t make a custom URL for your blog’s space, and there are limitations on adverts and partner joins. Your blog could likewise be erased all of a sudden. Free contributing to blog programming is accessible on numerous stages and is extremely simple to utilize. On the 

off chance that you’re looking to nonchalantly blog as a leisure activity, it very well may be a decent choice. Be that as it may, free contributing to a blog stage probably won’t be the most ideal decision for making blog content. You’ll presumably have constraints on how you can tweak your blog, and as far as possible could make it hard to transfer bigger sorts of media.

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One drawback of utilizing WordPress to control your blog is that your URL will end with ‘’ and any marking they might use. Most free writing for blog stages don’t offer pennant promotions or offshoot joins While many may not consider these things to be imperfections, there are different worries to consider. Be that as it may, assuming you’re okay with certain elements, here are the top free contributing to a blog stage.

Best blogging sites

? is a free fundamental blog facilitating administration that is not difficult to utilize. It is not difficult to make a site and you will not need to stress over having an expert-looking web journal. You’ll be compelled to endure WordPress promotions except if you pay for their month-to-month plan, and there are restricted customization highlights accessible.

? Blogger- is Google’s blog facilitating administration and it’s truly simple to utilize. Yet, you can’t change the plan, add new highlights, or then again tweak anything.

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? Medium- is for the most part utilized by columnists, scholars, and different specialists to post their work. It’s an extraordinary method for sharing your content with individuals from a specific gathering and getting bits of knowledge into the field you’re a specialist in. The central thing you want to observe is that there are no advertisements – which can be both a gift and a revile. You likewise have no

2. Create your website


Best for: Bloggers who want complete control of design and customization, their custom URL, and the ability to use advertising and affiliate links.

Cons: Hosting your website might also require you to buy a domain name. Rather than just picking any, we can help you find the right one. Creating a website can be an overwhelming process for people who are unfamiliar with the field. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult and there are plenty of tools out there that make the job easier. Here’s an example of one such tool, created by Save The Student’s founder, Owen. With your website, you’ll be able to create personal branding with your URL and there’s no risk of the website being deleted by the platform – you’ll have full control.

WordPress has a huge selection of themes and you’re not going to regret taking the time to customize them. They’ll be perfect for what you want! You can even tailor them to reflect your personality. Try to keep things clean and uncluttered. Choose fonts that are easy to read, because good typography makes up about 60% of the effectiveness of your content.

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