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How to Make Money Playing Video Games (16 Easy Ways)

Are you interested in playing video games? Are you interested in making money? Have you considered monetizing your gaming habit with all the ways you can get paid? It’s one of the newest ways to make money online, and unlike a number of other side businesses and side hustles, it can be a whole lot of fun. Play video games, get paid. Play video games and post them on social media, and get paid. Pretty great, huh?

Even if your eighth-grade English teacher had told you that you could earn money playing video games, there are millions of Americans who have taken their affinity with Pok mon, Grand Theft Auto, and mobile games and turned them into part-time or even full-time, professionals—all by merely playing video games. If you’re already gaming, why not proceed to the next level and earn money from it, as well?

How to Make Money Playing Video Games?

In the past 10 years, video games have provided more ways to make revenue compared to what you might imagine. We have put together a list of 15 ways to make money playing your favorite video games!

1. Try Mistplay to Get Paid Directly.

A popular app available for Android is a game called Mistplay. This app focuses on allowing players to playing video games on a phone to earn prizes from retailers and exchanges. Users can participate in in-app tournaments to earn gift cards to billboards, other retailers, and physical Visa gift cards.

With Mistplay, you’ll be given an opportunity to win compensation from the instant you start playing. You may also play with friends and level up your avatar to unlock achievements and gain more units.  They also provide user communications and include a chat feature, encouraging a connection between members. Another important thing is that users won’t pay any fees to download or join.

2. Gamehag:

Playing Video Games

Collect Soul video Gems by playing free online games and exchanging them for prizes! Free Robux, Steam Wallet, Prepaid Mastercard, and more are all available!

Play games, finish chores, and earn rewards

3. Video Game Coaching

One of the best ways to make cash from playing video games is by giving instructions to avid players of your favorite game (such as League of Legends). Game instructors can make anywhere from $20 to $200 per hour, depending on their skill level and their demand. For example, Metaphor (Reddit) is an admired coach for League of Legends.

4. Game Tester

The most basic distinction between a top-quality Assurance tester and a ‘Game Tester’ or ‘Beta Tester’ is that QA deals with a product that’s already met an exact level of quality as desired by the developers.

Being a ‘Tester’ involves attempting to ‘break’ a game or determine ways in which to mess it up or analyze why it should or might not be fun for users.

5. Become a knowledgeable Gamer

Pro Gamers vie worldwide and win millions at events sponsored by the main League diversion circuit, the International Dota a pair of the championship, and Intel Extreme Masters. MLG has engineered arenas across the country to host and stream live skilled diversion events. It even has scouts and communities on the net to search out the simplest, untapped players.

The best recommendation for obtaining concerned is to select a game you think about yourself already sensible at taking part in Associate in Nursing become a professional at it. From there, work on building your name as a talented player and a team player. Then it’s time to participate in eSports games!

6. begin a YouTube Channel


We’ve mentioned YouTubers plenty over the past few months, and it’s as a result of the gain within the YouTuber-verse is jam-packed with prospects if you are looking for a way to earn cash whereas gaming; YouTube could be a good spot to begin.

Through YouTube, you’ll build your channel to an A level wherever you’re monetizing your content. If you haven’t already, look into our piece here that offers you the insight you would like to become a winning YouTube content creator.

Once you have down pat the steps needed to legitimate your channel. You’ll take your content in any direction you decide on. Whether or not you wish to measure to stream your recreation, critique others’ recreation, or provide tutorials on recreation tips and tricks, YouTube is a superb platform to use to handle all of those subjects.

We advocate the exploitation of YouTube to additional your recreation analysis, too. If you are looking for in-depth info on monetizing your recreation habits. YouTube could be a wealth of data for that topic. As well. what matter your approach is, beginning with YouTube at the thanks going g.

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7. Stream on Twitch

Many gamers stream their online play to show a profit. the foremost common platform for doing this is Twitch. A web streaming mecca for players worldwide.

Money-making in your streaming comes from adventures like Google Adsense. And you get acquired the number of views you will get towards your videos. Twitch contains a substantiation structure the same as YouTube. It needs you to create a following and apply for substantiation standing. Once you have established yourself as a gamer United Nations agency will drive traffic to the location.


When you have reached your standing as a monetized streamer, Twitch can compensate you in varied ways. for each subscriber United Nations agency visits your channel, and you may receive $5.00.

You will even have the choice to feature a Google AdSense-like set-up along with your channel. this may change you to receive financial compensation for ads placed on your page. for each one,000 ad views you receive, you may earn $3.00.

Amazon Affiliate Links

Twitch permits its users to take advantage of Amazon affiliate links. this implies that gamers will advocate products and things accessible for purchase on Amazon. they’ll supply direct access to the product to their viewers via an associate affiliate link.

Every time a product purchase happens utilizing the link, the gamer receives payment for making this affiliation. it is a passive financial gain generation technique for players to advertise things and products they wish to anyone WHO views their channel.

PayPal Donations

Playing Video Games

Many winning gamers have found that they’ll market and receive PayPal donations from loyal fans or sponsors.

Yep, you scan that right. The thought method behind this can be that gamers can invite fans to assist them still game at the intensity they’re doing this. you’ll be able to arouse cash, and folks can provide it to you to stay taking part in your video games.

Part of enabling this commitment is reassuring that the gamer will satisfy their basic living desires financially. Okay, perhaps a number of their desires are not thus “basic,” however we’re getting to trust that you just get the image.

Many gamers can receive PayPal donations as a result of viewers need to find out and replicate the ideas and tricks the player uses. If you think that of play as performance art, then the concept of donating to a gamer’s PayPal account becomes rather more affordable.

It beats the thought of giving some money to your younger brother for enjoying video games.

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Practical Tips to extend Revenue once Live Streaming

Much like we have a tendency to mention higher than, thinking of play as performance art is that the best thanks to perceiving a way to deliver the goods the best level of success. Live stream gamers got to be partaking.

They should have large personalities that attract a high volume of views. This goes hand-in-hand with having a voice that’s gratifying to concentrate on. If a gamer is not pleasing to concentrate on or is boring, each of those can flip viewers off.

Another aspect of the live streaming puzzle is making regular content. you will need viewers to grasp once to tune up to your streaming. Keeping a daily schedule can facilitate them to begin to look at you on a selected day and time.

8. Contact Potential Sponsors

After you get a following for your stream, whether or not it’s on YouTube, Twitch, or elsewhere, to come up with a lot of revenue, you may possibly wish to contact sponsors. this is often terribly the same as however tv producers are accustomed to looking for sponsors for programs.

To acquire sponsors, the primary factor you would like to try to is to prepare to impress them. check that your channel displays exactly what you visualized. you may then wish to go looking for brands you wish that may have an interest in sponsoring you. it’s conjointly essential to think about whether or not or not you’d use their merchandise. this is often vital as you may be selling for that brand!

The most crucial half is that you just gift yourself as somebody UN agency would be a good suitable sponsor their complete.

9. offer Game Play Tutorials

Providing gameplay tutorials could be a good way to grab new viewers and legitimize gameplay. Your YouTube channel or streaming website can earn cash with everyone that clicks thereon. Advertisers pay Google, as an example, to show ads on videos. Google, a division of Alphabet, owns YouTube.

To start, open an associate account at AdSense, and link it to your YouTube account. opt for whether or not you would like video or banner ads to show.

It will take longer to create cash off the thought of game tutorials. you may wish to grow your audience into the thousands to create tight cash off this idea.

10. vie in Tournaments

While not an even supply of cash (unless you are unbelievably talented), winning game tournaments for competitive games like the decision of Duty, League of Legends, Fortnite, etc., will web you some serious money.

One of the world’s high e-sports competitors, Timothy Miller (aka “Bizzle”), earns around $322k per annum taking part in Fortnite tournaments.

This is in all probability the best thanks to creating cash taking part in video games and not an enormous jobholder unless you are particular at the sport and systematically win.

11. Quality Assurance Tester

Video games are ultimately the results of creating mental acts. obtaining a laptop to react to the developer and gamers wish it to seem right and maybe feel as realistic as attainable. to realize this, game-style corporations would like freelance individuals to inform them what’s sensible, bad, what works, and what does not.

That’s wherever being a QA tester comes in. The styles and developers ought to knowledge users feel a few new games or upgraded designs, not simply technical issues. they are not testing the wiring or electronic equipment, or power offer. Like children with a replacement toy, they are testing what proportion a lot of fun a replacement or upgraded game is for players than those already within the market.

QA testers do not simply play a game through to its highest attainable level. They play totally styles of different builds multiple times till they will realize nothing to object to and report if they’d fun!

Think of operating in QA as being paid to unravel multiple puzzles. Any flaw or mistake, or factor wrong in a very program should be consistent, thus developers will comprehend the way to eliminate it.

Much of QA work is contract work, however, it still may pay between $10 associated $15 an hour. that is could be a pretty sensible wage for enjoying video games!

Networking is the final piece to the trifecta of tips and tricks of live stream play. Interacting along with your viewers, fellow live streamers, and sponsors area unit a number of the foremost effective ways to advance your name yet as your bankroll.

Much like business networking, live stream play needs associate equal, if less, the quantity of investment in your relationships.

12. Become a Game Developer

Another way to earn as a gamer is to develop the games yourself. Game developers at major firms like Ubisoft or Ea earn a mean pay of $83,000. However, jobs for major game firms are notoriously trying and have a tendency to force you to figure out long hours and holidays.

Alternatively, you’ll able to become a solo game developer and build cash through game sales and in-game purchases. For instance, Minecraft was develop exclusively by Markus Persson beneath his company Mojang. Therefore, Mojang oversubscribed Microsoft for a humongous $2.5 billion.

13. Work as a Game Journalist

Another avenue is thru journalism. In fact, Most game journalists earn around $26,000 each year, creating it one of the lowest-income opportunities on this list.

But if you like games and love writing and reportage, this is often an excellent chance, and you’ll be able to earn rather more as your talent increases!

To get start as a journalist, you may possibly want a minimum of a baccalaureate in journalism. And a few print media expertise (like the varsity paper Associate in Nursing or an internship). Speaking of internships, an Associate in the Nursing unpaid post could be a good way to induce your foot within the door as a game journalist!

14. add client Service for a Game Company

Like each alternative business, gamers additionally want client support. turning into a client service rep for a game company could be a good way to induce payment within the game business. The typical client service representative makes $13.64 per hour, with some creating up to $20 per hour.

Like Blizzard, some firms even have in-game admins United Nations agencies play the sport and deliver support via the in-game chat operation.

Getting an Associate in a Nursing post is one of the simplest ways to induce started on this career path. Landing this job is additional concerning your client service skills than your play skills. you have got to sensible with folks and have glorious communication skills.

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15. produce & Sell game-impressed Merchandise

Possibly one of the good ways to induce paid-to-play is by making and commerce your own game-inspired merchandise. simply persist Etsy and sort “Legend of Zelda” — you endure sixteen,000 results of t-shirts, figurines, occasional mugs, and more.

If you’re taking this route, it suggests that you are making a business. The sky limits what proportion you’ll be able to build, however about $50,000 each year is feasible with the correct product and glorious promoting skills.

You’ll need to work out exactly what sort of merchandise you wish to sell to induce started on this. That may then offer you the list of what you’ll have to compelled to build those things.

16. Farm In-Game Currency

Playing Video Games

However, Many MMOs have a farmable in-game currency that individuals and United Nations agencies do not feel like outlaying their own time earning will pay you for it.

This is in all probability the foremost long and lowest-paying chance on this list next to client service work. There are gold farmers in countries like China United Nations agency tries this all day for a reasonably low quantity. This is often not the foremost well-liked type of obtaining that additional money through play. However, its value noting on this list as an Associate in Nursing possibility.

Game On!

In fact, Now that you simply have a whole list of choices to settle on from, move and explore which of them are best for you.

Try to not forget that it’ll take energy to create substantial cash while taking part in those awing games.

Consider attempting many completely different shops at once! for instance, you may offer each streaming and doing game tutorials a strive.

However, Time to grab your controller and begin on your journey toward creating cash by taking part in your favorite video games!

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