Make money blogging with WordPress part-5

It’s a great platform for beginners who are looking to make money and build their own website from the ground up. WordPress is a content management system that’s easy to use. WordPress is also the go-to choice for businesses seeking to automate their content marketing strategy with a blog.

Blogging has been a very lucrative and flexible profession. WordPress is an open-source platform that enables anyone to make their blog. This is one of the main reasons why so many people choose to blog for a living.

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21. Create an Online T-shirt Store With WordPress

The process of starting an online t-shirt shop is easy with WordPress. Almost everyone wears t-shirts, so opening a blog to sell your designs could be a great way to monetize whatever content you provide. Creating t-shirts also helps you think outside the box and create something unique. It’s easy to create your t-shirt shop on your WordPress site using WP-Spreadplugin for Spreadshirt. You will get a profit share and can easily profit from your designs. Shopify stores are an excellent way to quickly market your t-shirts and build buzz among your patrons. They connect 

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directly with tons of reputable t-shirt printing companies and offer many designs, print, and shipping options so you can be sure you’ll get the best quality product at the best price. 

 22. Create a WooCommerce Dropshipping Store

You can create an eCommerce store using dropshipping on your WordPress website without having to handle inventory or ship items.

With a third-party drop shipper, you can focus on other important aspects of your business without worrying about shipping. There will be no contact with your customers because the third-party drop shipper takes care of that. You can use the WooCommerce plugin to create a dropshipping store. There’s also a WooCommerce Dropshipping addon plugin that allows you to automate the process. You sell your products directly from your website – no need for Amazon or Shopify here!

23. Create an Amazon Affiliate WordPress Shop

The downside of Dropshipping is that you have to find a good supplier, but it doesn’t need to be difficult. If you’re just starting, you can get started without investing much money.

If you want to set up an eCommerce site without having to ship products yourself, then there might be the best option for you with an AMZ Affiliate merchant account. You must have a reliable supplier who doesn’t require contracts or wait periods before submitting your order.

The more you focus on a specific niche, the more likely you are to create a business that can stand out from competitors. It’s best to focus just on what your strengths are rather than be all things to all people. To learn how to set up your  Amazon affiliate store using WordPress, check out our blog sidebar tutorial.Offering Platform as a Service

WordPress includes several powerful plugins that have independent features. You’ll find widgets for Tumblr, coupon codes for e-commerce, and scheduling apps on your sidebars.

You can add such a platform to your blog or e-commerce store and offer it as a paid service. You get a cut from each sale, which allows you to earn passive income from user activity on your website.

24. Create an Online Marketplace Website

An online marketplace is also an eCommerce platform where users can sell their products. It’s an open-source tool that has many components, including shipping and printing services, categories and products, vouchers, customer feedback, and reviews. What starts out being a single vendor website can grow into something that has a lot of potentials. You’ll need WC Vendors installed to make WooCommerce work with multiple, registered vendors. This plugin is also great for integrating new vendors onto your website and allows the use of a custom dashboard.

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For more details, see our guide on how to make an online marketplace using WordPress. You can make money by charging a commission on each sale, or you can allow vendors to buy membership packages for their listings.

25. Make an Auctions Website

An eBay listing is a place where sellers can sell their products and consumers can find them at a reduced price. eBay provides this service for free and has found ways to maximize its profits and service. This gives you exposure to thousands of vendors and their products. You can also charge for listings, or take a percentage from each sale. This can bring in extra money to supplement the income you already get from your blog.

To start a successful e-commerce business, you will need the following add-ons: WooCommerce, Virtual Storefronts, and Product Tagging. *WooCommerce is a shopping cart plugin that helps set up your online store easily and make sure it’s covered in all the required components needed for success.

*Auctions can be quite a crazy time, you never know what might come up. With Annie’s Action Alerts, you’ll be able to keep an eye on the various items in your bidding and have a better idea of what will most likely happen with that piece of art! *Multi-vendor add-ons allow you to incorporate capabilities like email marketing, content lead generation, and social media marketing from different companies which save you tons of time. For step-by-step instructions, see our guide on how to build an eBay-Esque website using WordPress.

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