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In 2020, US Consumers spent a mind-bending $862 Billion online. Most people know that e-commerce is exploding in popularity. You may not know that side hustlers and entrepreneurs can take advantage of this massive trend and make money by selling products on eBay – it’s free to sign up and you get 30 days to make sure it’s your thing before you have to pay anything. In this article We’ll explore the ins and outs of how to make money with Amazon FBA.

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It will be amazing to see how much is spent online in 2021 with ⅓ of that total figure coming from a single e-commerce platform.

Is that a drumroll I hear?

You got it. Amazon.com did $386B in internet based retail deals in 2022

Many people know that Amazon is a popular marketplace with over 2 million third-party sellers.

Yes, many businesses large and small list their products on Amazon. You can find them listed by solopreneurs too, and they’re doing well!

Yes, many businesses, large and small, list their products on Amazon. You can find them listed by solopreneurs, too, and they’re doing well!

This post teaches you how to sell your items on Amazon as a third-party seller.

We’ve all been there, trying to make money online. Amazon FBA is a great business model that can help you succeed in making an income online.

What is Amazon FBA?

Let’s start with a simple definition. 

Amazon FBA is an e-commerce business model that allows sellers to distribute their products and list them on Amazon.com. Amazon handles all aspects of the seller’s business, from stock management and order fulfillment to customer service.

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We hope that this explanation has shown how the advantages of FBA for sellers are clear. For example, you get to list your product with the world’s largest e-commerce company. The typical problem with insufficient traffic and other things practically stops when it comes to FBA models. Let’s face it, people are constantly picking up their phones or laptops and shopping on Amazon all the time. We feel that you don’t have to try to convince people to do it; they will do it anyways!

Of course, you’re still responsible for success. FBA isn’t a miracle solution.

But let’s not beat around the bush: in order to understand how you can earn more with an Amazon FBA partnership, there are some quick considerations.

The 3 Steps to Making Money with Amazon FBA

Winning on Amazon is all about the product. 

Most Amazon sales are reactive. People come to the site when they have a specific product in mind or are looking for a solution to a certain problem–but that’s not by far the most common type of purchase that happens there.

In order to succeed on Amazon, you need to be able to solve problems quickly and efficiently. This is something that only happens with a good product.

With this product-centric mindset, let’s break down the 4 steps to launching a successful product.

Looking to make money with Amazon FBA? Here are the key things to master.

  1. Find it.
  2. Make it.
  3. Ship it.
  4. Sell it. 

Replace “it” with “the product” if you prefer to. Find the product, make the product, ship the product, and sell the product

Obvious, right?

AI assistants make following all the necessary 3 steps in making a video easy.

Step 1: Find the product

Yep, the very first step is to come up with a fantastic product idea. 

My recommendation is to start by making a list of the product markets about which you already have a good understanding. Look no further than your very own hobbies, interests, and skills. Although many people don’t think about things this way, each one is a potential untapped resource full of possible business opportunities.

I recommend you start here, as it will give you a good understanding of the problems worth solving in your market.

But don’t stop there. 

Now, you need to back up your ideas with real, cold, hard market data. 

There are many great tools online for Amazon product research. Jungle Scout, Helium10, and Viral Launch are just a few examples of what’s available.

With tools like these, you can find out everything about your competitors—right down to sales stats and customer reviews. Analyzing the data gives you insight that will put you ahead of the game.

It almost doesn’t seem fair.

It’s a game of strategy- how to make money with Amazon FBA. Tools like these allow you to find markets that are profitable, yet have low customer satisfaction rankings.If you’re able to estimate potential earnings potential before investing your own time and money, you can save yourself a lot of wasted time.

After this, you will know how to turn your great ideas into a reality. Let’s take a look at how you can make your products even better so that you can fulfil customer needs and outpace the competition.

Step 2: Make the product

When you find a product with high demand but low customer satisfaction, it’s time to find a supplier. To do so, I recommend using Alibaba.

Alibaba is the world’s largest global B2B marketplace. This makes it easy to get in touch with manufacturers from all over the world.

The Alibaba platform lets you negotiate and get samples of products you’re looking to sell.

I recommend that you start by typing in your product keyword and reaching out to the first 10 companies on the list.

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It is important for a new supplier to understand the cost, quality, and time needed to ship a product.

It’s also essential that you know how to differentiate yourself from the competition in order to attract customers.

Common differentiation ideas include:

  • New item includes that tackle a trouble spot
  • New shadings or sizes
  • Bunding items in one of a kind ways
  • Adding your image logo to the item or bundling (known as private naming)

Review what your competitor’s unsatisfied customers are saying. What are their main complaints? Can you use this information to improve your own product features and make it more competitive in the market?

Work with your manufacturer to tailor the design of their product to better suit your needs and differentiate themselves. That’s a guaranteed way to grab significant market share. Once you’ve tweaked the design and ensured that it fits your needs and you’re happy with the price point, quality, and delivery schedule, it should be time to place an order.

Step 3: Ship the product

I presume that for this step, you are importing the product from overseas – as is usually the case for US or UK-based Amazon FBA entrepreneurs.


Once you’ve placed your order, you need to get the products to an Amazon warehouse. This can be done through Ocean Freight or Air Freight.

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