Many Ways to Make Money Reading Books

Did you have any idea about how you can get compensated to understand books?

If you’re an avid reader, then this is something you’ll want to learn about. Most Americans read 12 books a year, but book-related jobs offer the opportunity for more money and skillsets.

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If you love to read books and discuss what you read, your dream may come true. You could find a book-related job and work from wherever you want.

There are a lot of ways of bringing in cash from being book-fixated, for example:

  • Occupations that include understanding books, altering, describing, and getting compensated to peruse out loud, and so forth
  • Getting compensated from sites to survey the books you read

Side hustles can be really hard when you’re just starting out. Books are a great option because they provide passive income. And don’t forget to diversify — start off by writing books in different niches, and then save up for other business ideas as you progress.

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How to Get Paid to Read Books With These Online Jobs and Side Hustles

From gardening to selling used books on eBay, there are many different jobs that you can do from home.

Take a moment to see if a side hustle would fit your lifestyle, and then collect some resources for your first step towards success.

Audiobook Narration

Listening to audiobooks is a pretty relaxing activity. If you’re done with the blog and your chores, I highly recommend listening to any of the audiobooks by Grant Sabatier.

With audiobooks being one of the most popular forms of fiction today, it often comes with the cost of a good narrator. However, at Hear from Readers, we’ve taken care of that for you: an AI narrator that has been trained to narrate your audiobook for you!

Particularly with the ascent of Audible, the interest in book-recording storytellers is climbing.

Getting started narrating is a lot easier than you may think! You’ll need only this equipment: a mic, pop screen, headphones, recording software, and editing software. You can also get creative with your editing software to produce fantastic narrations even without the microphone.

On average, you can expect to make between $100 and $300 per hour, depending on your different rates. You can also join organizations that offer benefits, legal protection of your rights, or larger union organizations.

Freelance Read Manuscripts

Just like freelance writers, you can also be a freelance reader and get paid to read anything — whether it is online articles, books or unpublished manuscripts. You may get different rates based on the type of content you’re reading.

Read more: 10 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Money Online part-2

Literary management agencies have too much work to do and hiring freelancers saves time and effort. Many manuscripts that they never get a chance to read are instead commissioned out to freelance writers.

Scholarly specialists pay somewhere in the range of $25 to $100 an hour to their independent perusers.

What are the duties of this oddly cool job? These are actually relatively straightforward and similar to giving a book report. You read through the manuscript and compile a 2-3 page report about your opinion of it. You then make a recommendation on whether the agency should represent it or pass on it.

Describe the characters, and plot points, and analyze any hidden messages and symbols in this film.


I’m sure many people have had the same thought. But they’re not all as high-status as we might imagine because there are so many different types of “Editors” in the publishing world and they come in many different forms. Some work as virtual assistants or freelance content creators for most of their careers.

Once, Nick Loper was just a freelance editor for ebooks on Kindle and Amazon. He built his business by posting on Fiverr.


At first glance, copyediting may not seem that different than editing. They’re actually very different.

Editors are usually subject matter experts and strive to improve the flow, structure, and logic of a piece. They might focus on one sentence at a time or even multiple sentences. Copy editors focus more on the overall context of the content (or copy of a book)

Some editing can also be done by copy editors. It just depends on who the editor is and what the services entail. Copyediting mainly involves grammar, spelling, and punctuation correction, ensuring proper sentence structure, and removing wordiness and redundancy.

Proofreaders often double as editors and are continuing to become more popular in today’s society. This 76-minute FREE online learning session will teach you how to create a profitable proofreading/copyediting business, even if you’re remote.


If you’ve done most of the above for a lot of your working life, you already know what books look like and why they sell. You know how to make them beautiful and most importantly, how to write them beautifully. Then the next logical step is publishing, am I right?

If you’re interested in starting your own publishing business, now’s the time to do it. The sky is the limit on this one and you can self-publish or start working on a business plan to get some funding!

The possible outcome of distributing organizations relies upon an assortment of elements.

Though it varies for different publishers, most companies can make around $130,000 annually through publishing and selling their content. The success of the authors and books is also crucial as it all depends on how successful you are.

I for one love this aide for beginning your own distributing business by Kindlepreneur.

Get Compensated to Read and Write Book Reviews: Sites That Pay You to Write Book Reviews

You can make money by writing reviews on the books you read. You can even generate income from your own website, blog, or social media page where people can visit and leave a review for the book you reviewed.


Peruse these top destinations that pay individuals to compose book audits for them.

Online Book Club

Online Book Club is a community for book lovers that has been around for over 10 years. It also incorporates cash for book reviews.

I addressed somebody who consistently surveys books for Online Book Club and this is what she needs to say about her experience:

Writing reviews is a great way to build up your reputation with Amazon. You can earn more by writing popular books and meeting a certain metric.

Some books are in Kindle or other e-format, while others may be purchased from a physical bookstore and submitted for reimbursement.

I read a variety of different genres. I primarily read fantasy, poetry, memoir, etc. historical fiction or crime dramas, but they are still available to me! All the books I’ve reviewed on my blog are linked in this paragraph here.

– Erin Shenandoah,

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