The Complete Guide on How to Start Freelance Writing

Wise If you’ve got a way with words and like to write, perhaps you’re considering trying to find freelance writing work. Also, freelance writers are ready to combat a spread of comes from a range of various employers.

Which may work as a motivating side hustle or maybe a varied and versatile career. Many aspiring writers place a higher value on specializing in a specific niche. That supports their interests and experience, rather than dabbling in a variety of writing styles. This might leave you doing something from writing a website. Copy for native businesses, blogging regarding your hobbies, operate social media channels or write for online or print magazines.

Freelance writing may be a popular option, with many people using their spare time to earn extra money or transitioning to full-time. Freelance writing career to enjoy the benefits of working remotely and on their schedule.

If you’re keen to leap, but more or less certain of where to start, you’ve come back to the correct place. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know. About getting started in freelance writing, building a portfolio, and making money. How to begin your freelance writing career in seven simple steps For most individuals getting started in writing, it is sensible to choose a subject to specialize in.

So, the great news is that you don’t have to be compelled to have studied the topic you write about or hold any set qualifications. Usually, merely being obsessed with a subject and having an enticing style is enough to start with winning work.

 Here are some easy steps to take to get you on your way:

1. Choose a niche.

Picking what you wish to jot down is a vital start. By selecting a distinct segment you’re obsessed with, you’ll notice you’ll be able to write well with no need to spend hours on analysis — and your energy can shine through in your work. Also, you may opt for one of these style niches, or choose a favorite hobby or interest of your own:

While on the road, health and welfare Family, relationships, and parenting Yoga and meditation Cooking and nutrition Finance and also budgeting Leadership and careers Crafting, knitting, or other inventive hobbies

2. Create a website.


Learning about a website or maintaining an internet presence is crucial if you wish to become a contract author. Moreover, writing in your journal could be an easy way to bring home the bacon, and offers an area to jot down, share, and acquire feedback on your work. You’ll be able to get a journal for free from WordPress or Wix, or post on an Associate in Nursing outlet like Medium. Or else, you’ll need to set up your website to serve as both an area for blogging and an internet resume and portfolio to share with prospective customers.

3. Develop a strong work sample.

Before you’ll be able to progress to any extent further, you’ll have to be compelled to produce sample work that becomes your portfolio. Several writers publish online on their blogs, or as guest writers for different blogs and online magazines. Share your work with family and friends at this stage, to start to induce feedback and develop a reader base.

When you begin to submit pitches for paid work, you’ll be able to use your sample work. As a resume to point out what you’re capable of.

4. Be widely distributed.

You’ve currently placed along with your portfolio and are beginning to make your audience in your chosen subject. It’s time to go out and pitch a lot of work. You’ll notice that online and print magazines and different. Retailers could supply one-off paid opportunities, guest opportunities, or current writing jobs. A number of these might not be paid-or could be paid solely as a token quantity. However, for several new freelance writers, they’re neat thanks to building your portfolio and reaching a broader audience — so well worth considering. You can jointly pitch firms and websites you’re keen on to supply your services.

Here are a couple of nice ways in which to get your name out there:

Develop an effective ‘elevator pitch’ so you’re invariably able to tell somebody what you are doing. You never apprehend a United Nations agency. You’ll run into a United Nations agency that might have an author. Contact firms you’re keen on and supply to either write for his or her journal. Join networking teams online and face-to-face to make connections among different freelance writers.

It’s common for on-the-market jobs to be shared in these communities. Pitch online and print magazines directly to the editors; contact the editors with ideas for specific articles you’ll give Look at freelance marketplace sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and; there are usually writing opportunities here, though they will not be the very best paid out there. If you choose roles that are attractive and theme them as a springboard to larger things. If you wish to If you’re keen on the journal, scan and investigate different blogs in your niche. You’ll quickly get to grips with different writers and will notice opportunities to collaborate and share ideas. Keep your LinkedIn and other social media pages up-to-date and include links to your published work for employers to see.

5. Investigate writing job boards.

Specialist job boards are an ideal source of leads. If you’re trying to find a lot of statuses and paid writing work. Communities of writers could share ideas and data regarding sites, magazines, and blogs you’ll be able to connect with.

6. Collect customer feedback.


As you begin to make a name for yourself, it will be very easy to get testimonials from previous shoppers. Please elicit a couple of words regarding operating with you, either by email. When you’ve completed employment, or by the victimization of the testimonial operating on LinkedIn. Publish nice consumer reviews on your website, so new customers will see what you are doing best.

Three tips for creating extra money as a contract author It’ll take time to grow your freelance writing career. Develop the connections you need to start earning cash. However, once you’re up and running. It will be an excellent second financial gain — or a full-time job if you’re passionate about it.

Some tips

Here are some tips about taking your freelance writing to successive levels, and earning extra money as you go:

The right goals for you may depend on whether or not you’re writing for fun. Also, as the second stream of financial gain to supplement your full-time job, or as a future career. However, having some goals embarked on in writing is the best way to check to see if you continue on the track that works for you.

Your goals may well be to jot down a particular range of items per week, to be revealed in an explicit magazine, or to earn a set monthly quantity, for instance. Working freelance suggests that you’re to blame for your own time.

This is often an incredible perk—however, it can also mean that you just pay longer than you notice on some items of labor or that you just blur the lines between period and leisure

If you pay some time, it’s the best way to check that you’re charging the correct quantity for your work. And also it might assist you to earn a lot by specializing in the writing, which pays the most per hour.

1. Avoid content mills.

Avoid content mills, which provide freelance writers with work such as writing blogs and content marketing materials. However, they usually supply low rates to writers and keep an oversized quantity of the work for themselves. In most cases, it’s better to avoid these firms if at all possible. Instead, develop your online presence with a journal or website, network with businesses in your niche, and pitch directly for paid writing opportunities. This could take a bit longer than obtaining a quick fee from a content mill. However, it’ll quickly end up a lot more profitable.

2. As you go, start new businesses.


If you’re writing to earn an Associate in Nursing for financial gain. Then you’ll have to compel to frequently pitch to new shoppers to get a lot of work. However, a decent way to try this is to set aside a set quantity of your time each week to hunt out new leads. Build your network, pitch shoppers, and develop new business ideas.

Treat this as an important part of your operating week, to make certain you have got a continued pipeline of labor on an Associate in Nursing current basis. When you first begin writing, you may value it more highly to charge a comparatively low fee for your work. As you build your skills and your portfolio.

However, you should review your costs and gradually increase them to ensure that your business continues to grow. Make use of your online network to find a way to the market rates they charge and to ensure you’re pitching at the appropriate level.

3. Develop a global clientele

Working for employers based anywhere in the world will be more appealing to freelance writers. Don’t feel constrained by your home location, as you’ll be ready to develop a consumer base overseas. Beginning your search in English-speaking countries is the best option; consider the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, or New Zealand.

However, it’s common for firms in Europe and on the far side to want English-language blogs, website copy, and a lot more; therefore, it may pay to succeed in intent on customers primarily based in countries where English isn’t the primary language, too. By obtaining a sensible multi-currency account just like the Wise borderless account, you’ll be able to invoice shoppers in their home currency, so it’s simple for them to pay you quickly, making operating with a world client no different from operating from one here within the North American country.

4. Creating your work official

You’ll be able to conjointly produce and send your invoices by using our downloadable free invoice templates, Associate in the Nursing notice, and freelance contractor agreement guide to creating your work official. As you’re taking on a lot of shoppers, you’ll get better at making and chasing invoices and managing your cash as a contract author. If you’re operating with shoppers primarily based overseas, it’s a sensible plan to own an Associate in Nursing account that makes it simple to induce payment in foreign currency, so you’ll be able to invoice shoppers in their home currencies with ease.

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Try the Wise borderless account to visualize how simple it’s to receive payments in foreign currencies. Along with your native bank details, you’ll able to get pay in major currencies like British pounds, Australian and New Zealand dollars, and euros, for no fee. You’ll even be able to hold dozens of different currencies within the same account and switch between them as needed to avoid falling victim to the mid-market exchange rate. This means there are no hidden fees to stress about — simply a little charge to convert your reimbursement to dollars. 

How to be a nice freelance writer?

Once you have got your basic building blocks in situ, it’s time to move your writing from smart to nice.

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Here’s how:

1. An exhaustive examination of everything

Just like with other talents, it takes time to get at home with the ins and outs of freelance writing. However, researching around the subject will facilitate-scan all you’ll be able to regard a way to write nice articles, copy, and journal posts; what quiet jobs are you able to get as a freelancer; a way to set your rates; and also the way to optimize your writing for search engines. You’ll notice a large volume of useful and pleasurable data out there regarding a way to become an author and surpass within the career, from people who have already leaped. Here are a couple of smart places to look for ideas and inspiration: Make a living by writing for Creative Revolt and Inkwell Editorial.

2. Identify yourself with the necessary skills and tools.


Acquire the necessary skills and tools at home. Also, Increase the prices of various services as you develop your consumer offering. So, you’ll most likely notice you’ll be able to conjointly sell redaction services, image sourcing or redaction, and perhaps SEO work or social media promotion. By educating yourself on these topics, you may increase your financial gain and serve your shoppers even better.

3. Improve your organizational abilities.

As a contract employee, you’re responsible for your employment, which implies you’re a project manager, writer, editor, promoting manager, bourgeois, and time unit representative. Also, create your systems to make certain you retain control of the organization by victimizing a number of the subsequent tools: Make communication easier with Slack, WhatsApp, or any of the other easy online solutions out there. Try task management programs like Post or Trello. Manage your cash on the go with a Wise borderless account.

4. Constantly improve your writing skills.

Even knowledge about freelance writers will pick up. Still, educate yourself and study the writing skills you would like for the sort of content you’re working on. A key way to getting continual skill development is to scan different writers operating within the same field.

Follow trade magazines, register for blogs within the same niche as yours, and build your use of social media to stay up to this point by following fellow writers on Twitter, Medium, and the other outlets you’re keen on.

If English isn’t your mother tongue, you’ll be able to still build a career out of writing for English-language publications based mostly in your home country or English-speaking elements of the planet. You’ll get to follow the equivalent basic steps as a verbalizer-and if you would like some further application along with your writing, you’ll be able to contemplate blogging or seizing lower-paid work to build your portfolio.

5. Create a visually appealing portfolio.

Coming up with your portfolio is one of the primary things you’ll do as an aspiring freelance author. However, your portfolio isn’t a static document, so you’ll get to update it and your pitch materials as your career and knowledge grow.

6. Job Interview Pitching


This is the way to pitch for jobs. Pitching for work is daunting once you first become accustomed to it. It’s well-valued financial time in making prime-quality targeted pitches for purchasers who’re curious about operating work. Notice prospective customers on freelance marketplace websites like UpWork, Problogger, Fiverr, and Textbroker, or contact corporations and sites you’re keen on directly.

Your pitch ought to be a brief and pithy introduction that gets customers interested. For example: “I’m a contract author and digital rover, specializing in making partaking copy regarding the products, services, and tools that build life higher as a person and remote employee. I’d like to discuss how I will assist you to grow your business with compelling blog posts and articles, and by generating energy in your social media channels. Use it as an opportunity to attract the reader’s attention before providing a lot of background, samples of your work, and your rates.

7. Just do it

Just do it. Getting start is usually the most troublesome issue regarding any new endeavor. Freelance writing may be a nice inventive outlet, which may be fun as well as provide some financial gain. And best of all, you’ll need very little to no financial investment to get started. Get yourself a free weblog or website, take a small amount of your time to daydream regarding your favorite topics to write down, and begin writing. It’s extremely straightforward.

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