The Ultimate Guide to Earning Money Online with Google (part-2)

6. Google Keyword Planner

On a daily basis, people search for endless things on Google. Keywords are basically search phrases that people use to find out certain things, and the words they use are shown in the search results. Google has created an application called ‘Google Keyword Planner’ for keyword research. You can find keywords related to specific topics and different niches with the help of this toolkit.

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Features –

  • Learn about the trends in search volume for certain terms.
  • Find out how popular searches have changed over time.
  • New keywords, phrases, categories, and websites may all be found here.
  • Get results tailored to your area and language.
  • Filter the results based on the amount of competition, monthly searches, organic impressions, suggested bids, and ad impressions.

7. Search Engine Evaluation

It is a job that requires plenty of internet use. However, being able to do this well is more important than making money with it.

Role of a search engine evaluator

  • Examine online pages, advertisements, and websites, among other things.
  • It becomes feasible to determine whether or not the search engine is discovering relevant results based on your assessment.

Hourly pay for search engine evaluators can vary depending on what firm is assigning the task. Search engine evaluators usually earn less than $12 an hour, on average.

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Expertise and levels of perfection are important in order to succeed, especially when trying to write properly for an evaluation. If you can demonstrate greater accuracy for what you do and meet high standards, your chances of earning more in the future will be higher. This can help you find a company that best meets your needs. Note companies like Appen, Leapforce, Lionbridge, and iSoftStone are good candidates to start with as an evaluators.

8. Google Opinion Rewards

Regardless of whether or not anyone is interested in your opinion, Google is always there to pay you heed. It’s a piece of Google that I really like because it enables me to find out what I’m interested in and know how others feel about it. Earning rewards for the things that you love does pay off. As business continues to grow and technology advances, one of the most common methods of advertising is through incentives.Google Opinion Rewards lets you share your opinion in a survey in order to earn money broadcasting it on the internet.

How does it work?

  • Here’s where you can get the app.
  • Give some basic personal information.
  • Once a week, start receiving survey alerts (the survey is about your satisfaction with a certain merchant in the form of reviews and user opinion).
  • In exchange for your feedback, you can get a credit on PayPal or on the Google Play store. These credits may be worth up to $1.00 each for all the work provided by our team.
  • Websites that potentially generate the most money through Google AdSense

9. Google Pay

Google Pay is a Google service that allows you to accept payments on your website without a merchant account. It has similar features to PayPal and is often used for small e-commerce sites or online stores. It can be beneficial for attracting new customers and may earn you some extra cash. People often feel skeptical about websites they don’t know, but when it comes to popular websites like Google, people feel more secure about using them. Even if there’s a mishap involving payments, Google will do whatever it can to help you out. When you build trust and have a clear idea of what you’re selling to your audience, you’re more likely to lure in more customers.

Despite how many people trust Google, they can also be powerful if you put your ‘faith’ in them. Money is also real, but when something works for a large number of people and is proven to be an effective way of earning money, it’s worth considering.

Despite popular belief, the more people you grow your social network with, the more benefit you will get. Earth is home to the wisest creatures of all time–other humans. However, humans depend on each other in some way or another for their survival — it was just a matter of time before we saw what happens when we start using artificial intelligence in many aspects of our lives. It’s important to stay in touch with the company’s needs and to serve them accordingly. The result is more business and more money. If this online job is done properly, it’s sure to benefit you in the long run.

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10. Google Maps – Show the right way to the world

Google Maps are a truly useful feature in today’s modern world. Not only does it provide the best way to find locations, but it is also part of a growing trend of apps that lets you earn income with them.

How can you make money with Google Maps?

There are many different ways of making money without having to do much work. For example, you can get paid for each article that is read.

Post photos

Now you can visit a variety of places to take gorgeous photographs and cash in on them. All without ever stepping outside. All you need is the Google Maps app and the time.

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Edit and contribute information about the place

If you’re curious about something, Google Maps can keep track of it for you and make them easier to find. In some cases, the company will even cover your cost in return for the help. All you need is a smartphone or PC with internet access and a valid ID!

This is an excellent way to help a company while still making money at the same time! With internet search engines constantly changing and becoming more advanced, your contributions will help Google in the future. This can result in a larger profit for you or someone else for the work.


Wrap Up

Instead of hoping to make money with Google, the modern web is overflowing with alternatives. There are plenty of opportunities to generate a steady cash flow without the need for any special qualifications. There are people who claim you don’t need Google for money. Well, it’s true that money doesn’t come just after some dedicated, determined efforts, but if somebody is willing to put in the time, patience, and smart work that’s required to use Google well then it can definitely help make a lot of money.

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