Top ways that you can make money on Pinterest With Affiliate Links

Making money on Pinterest has been a booming marketplace for some time now with over 200 million users and the majority of them are women. In 2015, Pinterest banned affiliate marketing because of a flood of spammed pins- But now they are allowing us to do affiliate marketing on their platform again. Recently, Pinterest has re-opened its platform to affiliate marketers because of its original intentions to give brands increased exposure.

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to monetize your blogs. It can be a passive activity, but it takes some work to get the ball rolling. Pinspire has an affiliate program that will make it much easier for you to earn money and get your blog up and running as soon as possible.

Want To Know Pinterest Affiliate Marketing?

So you may be wondering, how does Pinterest affiliate marketing work? Essentially, all you need to do is share products you feel passionate about with others, and when someone purchases through your link – you will earn a commission off of that sale.

It’s very easy to support me by purchasing from a link through my site. In return, I earn a commission on that sale which helps pay the bills here. Some of them have bonuses for those who use affiliate links. It’s a win-win. You find solutions to your readers’ problems and earn a commission in return.

Where To Get Pinterest Affiliate Links?

To start affiliate marketing on Pinterest, the easiest way would involve connecting with one of the many affiliate networks. These networks are made up of a lot of individual affiliate programs which you can apply from within that network.

Some of my favorite affiliate networks are:

  • ShareASale
  • FlexOffers
  • Impact Radius

Want To Use Amazon Affiliate Links on Pinterest?

This is a great question and there has been A LOT of contradictory information about using Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest. Some say that Amazon reps have said it is okay, some say that the reps say it is strictly forbidden.

Here’s what I say:

It is not worth it to risk your Amazon affiliate account. For my readers and students, I recommend not using Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest. There are many reasons not to risk your Amazon affiliate account on Pinterest.

For one, Amazon does not allow you to use affiliate links on social media platforms like Pinterest. The other issue is that Pinterest has a strict policy about only repining images for purchase on their site.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Rules

1. Pinterest Affiliate Link Discovery

When adding affiliate links, it is vital to mention that they are affiliated. If you’re including this in your pin descriptions, Pinterest advises you to do so and says that networks require it. Feel free to include some affiliate links in your description or write something like “sponsored by” at the end of your description. This is the only way to follow FTC regulations and network rules.

2. Renew Your Existing Pins

Take a look at your Pinterest boards and see which pins you can add a referral link to. Share products that you have tried and loved, this will keep trust levels high with your followers. To make sure you keep the quality and standards of your brand, keep this in mind before you get too focused on the cha-ching.

When you think about getting a book cover designed, what is the first thing you envision? A professional designer with years of experience and a portfolio that speaks for itself? I know that was my first thought. But then I had to rethink my strategy because I wanted to keep the quality and standards of my brand in check without going broke.

3. Create Boards Specifically For Products That You Can Link To Affiliates

A few examples would be Tools and Resources or the Best Tools For Mompreneurs. This is a great alternative because your follower knows right off the bat that if they click on a pin link that they will be directed to where they can purchase the item.

In this post, we will be discussing a few examples of tools and resources for moms. With the mompreneur movement on the rise and women holding nearly 2/3rds of all managerial positions, it’s no wonder that more moms are starting their businesses.

4. Create Strong Descriptions.

Your pins are also going straight to the seller. Make sure your title and text clearly describe what your pin is about, without giving too much away. Keeping it to a couple of sentences and always disclosing is good. Your description, titles, and tags often create how your products can be found on Pinterest when searched for by users, so make sure it’s as descriptive as possible to assist with sales.

5. Don’t Go Overboard to make money on Pinterest

I know you can’t get enough affiliate links, but don’t obsess with pinning a million of them. It will turn off your followers fast. When used appropriately, affiliate links on Instagram can be a great way to drive traffic and make money.

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One of the best things about this type of marketing is the visual aspect. You have to keep putting up image after image that matches your brand aesthetic, color scheme, and style to entice followers and potential clients into following you. If you neglect to do so properly, you risk losing followers and problems more often than ever.

6. Create Multiple Pinnable Images to make money on Pinterest

By adding a custom graphic to your affiliate link, For Instance, you’re that much more likely to catch the attention of someone looking for your service. Create an eye-catching schematic and add it to the links that you can easily share online.

By adding a custom graphic to your affiliate link, you’re that much more likely to catch the attention of someone looking for your service. Create an eye-catching schematic and add it to the links that drive traffic to your site. Then ask your social media followers and email list subscribers to share it with their networks too.

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7. Use A Pinterest Scheduler to make money on Pinterest

Tools like Tailwind allow you to drip feed your affiliate pins so you don’t look spammy. It can be annoying if there is a row of 10 affiliate pins in your newsfeed all at once.

You don’t have time to pin your content over and over again. With a few clicks, you can schedule your affiliate links to be repinned multiple times every day by an army of people.

Try using Tailwind’s Board Lists feature to schedule your affiliate pins out to multiple boards at once! You’ll save a ton of time with four clicks. Simply add your pin to a list with 30+ boards on it.

Tailwind’s SmartLoop feature gives you the power to recycle your affiliate pins and deliver them to a new audience. You can set up rules, like only sending them out once a month with this feature and never spamming your links.

8. Do Not Use Short to make money on Pinterest

Pretty Link,, and other variations of URL shortening links aren’t permitted on Pinterest according to their Acceptable Use Policy.

Many affiliate networks require you to have a blog to start monetizing with their platform. If you don’t have a blog yet but want to try making money with Pinterest, it’s okay too. You can easily create a blog and start pushing out content. Some platforms will approve your site as soon as you apply, regardless of there being any content. You can see better results with an additional blog unless you are a power pinner, in which case you should supplement your efforts with affiliate links.


Affiliate marketing on Pinterest is a popular way to make money. If you already use the site, there are so many ways you can start earning.

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